Kismet Thoroughbreds 2024 Foals

Quite a few more foals expected this year!

This year’s theme is references to the movie Casablanca; if it doesn’t carry me through the foal season, I’ll broaden it to other classic movies.

I’ve previously done Latin names (2023) and references to the TV series Gossip Girl (2022).

NCh. Nobly Regal (S) x Sahreen - ICh. Highland Magic (S)
8.2h Grey Colt

Sentimental favorite. Sahreen was the first stakes-placed horse I owned in FF. This is her first foal.

NCh. Nobly Regal (S) x Hollywood Classic (S) - FFCh. TakeMeToHollywood (S)
8.2h Bay Colt

Half to SW My Formal Spurs (Formal Occasion). I purchased Hollywood Classic from the Black Storm auction this fall.

Very sadly, we also lost a filly by Usain Bolt, out of Churcheria (NCh. Yes It’s Paddy). This was Chucheria’s first foal; fortunately, she’s doing well.

29 foals still due

Lovely colts.

Sorry to hear about your stillborn filly. As UB has retired we can’t offer a re-breeding to him but if you would like to send her to any of our other studs just let us know.

Ohhh I love the movie Casablanca!

Sorry about your filly, but congrats on the pair of healthy Nobly Regal colts!

NCh. Player (S) x Diliverance (S) - Planet Hollywood (S)
9.1hh Chestnut Colt

Half to SWs Ch. GILDED PLANET (Gilded Saint) and INTAGLIO (Golden Text).

This handsome little colt was bred by Gant’s Farm; he arrived about 10 days early. I purchased Diliverance just last week – lucky me!

3 colts | 0 fillies
30 foals still due

[color=red]BUT SOON[/color]
NCh. Irish Gold (B) x Chasing Shadows - ICh. Magic Glory (G)
Bred by Gant’s Farm
8.2h bay filly

Yet another foal from a Gant’s Farm pairing. Excited to have dam and foal at Kismet Thoroughbreds now.

3 Colts | 1 Filly | 1 Stillborn
33 foals still due to this year

The number keeps going up as I keep finding lovely mares for sale. An amazing “problem” to have, hahah.

The number keeps going up as I keep finding lovely mares for sale. An amazing “problem” to have, hahah.

And the addiction doesn’t get better the longer you play! XD


It’s a slippery slope!


The math checks out, ahahahah.

2024 - 25-ish foals I bred, 33 foals in the crop
2023 - 9 foals
2022 - 4 foals

And I have more than 50 broodmares for 2025.

[color=red]SHE WALKS IN[/color]
ICh. Demand the Best (B) x Green Townsend - Mr. Townsend (S)
9.1h dark bay filly

ICh. City Upon a Hill (B) x National Buzz - NCh. National Post
9.1h bay filly

[color=blue]MANY A FRIEND[/color]
ICh. Gilded Saint (S) x Beautiful Oblivian - ICh. Stressed (S)
Bred by Gant’s Farm
9.1h dark bay colt

1/2 brother to SP [color=blue] Desperate Dan[/color]

And very sadly we lost a second foal: Ch. Bold Crystal’s colt by ICh. Blue Smoke. She has been bred back to him for 2025.

4 Colts | 3 Fillies | 2 Stillborn

Sorry about your colt. :frowning:

Love the name Many A Friend.

Great names!

Can I sustain my (often vague) Casablanca references for 27 more foals?! Tune in whenever my broodmares decide to find out, ahaha.

[color=red]EXIT VISA[/color]
GCh. Mantle of Power (S) x Faylinn - Empire Maker
Bred by Generous Bloodstock
9.2h black filly

Capt. Renault: No matter how clever he is, he still needs an exit visa — or should I say two?
Rick: Why two?
Capt. Renault: He is traveling with a lady.
Rick: He’ll take one.
Capt. Renault: I think not. I have seen the lady.

NCh. Bellagio (S) x Famously - Smart Strike
Bred by Gant’s Farm
8.1h bay colt

1/2 to MSP Ready to Leave

Señor Ferrari: As the leader of all illegal activities in Casablanca, I am an influential and respected man.

GCh. Beau Esprit (B) x Ch. Martiana - Oscillation (S)
9.2h brown colt

Named for the inimitable Capt. Renault.

6 Colts | 4 Fillies | 2 Stillborn

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Two foals bred by other farms, but I’m so happy to have them and their dams at mine now!

[color=red]ONLY MORE SO[/color]
NCh. Last For More (B) x Alicia Moore - WCh. Express Yourself
Bred by Starfish Stables
8.1h bay filly

Annina: Monsieur Rick, what kind of man is Captain Renault?
Rick: Oh, he’s just like any other man, only more so.

[color=red]OLD SONGS[/color]
NCh. Irish Gold (B) x Premiere (B) - Lonesome Glory (G)
Bred by Gant’s Farm
9.2h chestnut filly
1/2 sister to [color=blue]Ch. Pointless[/color]

Sam: Hello, Miss Ilsa. I never expected to see you again.
Ilsa: It’s been a long time.
Sam: Yes, ma’am. A lot of water under the bridge.
Ilsa: Some of the old songs, Sam.

6 Colts | 6 Fillies | 2 Stillborn

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Love the name Old Songs.

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The dialogue in Casablanca is AMAZING. I feel like I’ve watched the movie 10x at this point, hahaha.

I love that you’re including the dialogue. I now need to go watch this movie for the millionth time. It’s been ages, but its one of my and my dad’s favorites.

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About half of these foals were bred by other farms, and this little colt (OK, actually the largest 2024 foal by a good 2 inches in height!) is the same.

[color=blue]CAFE AMERICAIN[/color]
NCh. French Ruby (B) x Engagement Chicken - NCh. Eighteen Karat
Bred by Denoux Stud
10.0h chestnut colt

Café Américain is the name of the cafe that Casablanca centers around.

7 Colts | 6 Fillies | 2 Stillborn

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To my shame, I’ve never seen the movie. I feel I need to rectify this!

Lovely foals, congrats!

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At this point I would just like to give a special shoutout to a foal who is 21 days late, hahah.

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