King David--Question

Is this handsome boy retiring this year? I may need to save a mare for him.

He will retire this year…the plan is to get him more race earnings and then retire him.

Score. Will he stand open to the public? Or, in other words, who do I have to hurt in order to get a spot? :wink:

He’ll be owned by FF and will stand to the public, likely for $15,000.

Beautiful. We’ll plot evilly, accordingly.

Just wondering what King Davids earnings goal is so i know when he may retire. Thanks bunches!!

Holly @ CDS

Goal is to have him beat Foolhardy in earnings. :wink: Hopefully one more race will do it (he’s scheduled to run today).

Heh, and High Chances goal is to beat King David in stakes wins. :wink:

King David has, as promised, been retired to stud duty.

He will stand for $15,000 for now.