Just out of curiosity...

I was going through the stable list and noticed there were quite a few people who got their first horses then never logged back in, entered one race and never came back, or just never logged on at all. Do those people eventually get kicked from the game and their horses go to FF? Just seems like a waste of some good ponies sitting there getting fat when they could be contributing money to stables that need it. There could be some fantastic runners languishing away  :slight_smile:

I believe that they’re automatically deleted after a set amount of time.  All horses revert to FF.

I’ve suspended the auto-deleting code for now, so at the moment they’ll never get deleted unless they voluntarily quit.

I want to rewrite the auto-deleting code (along with the rest) to be handled better. (It works now, but is a giant pain to re-activate someone later if they want to re-join.)

Well that explains why there are so many of them then! Thanks for the info and I don’t doubt that the coding is a nightmare  :slight_smile:

please let me know if this gets put back into code, because i will again have limited use when we move again this coming oct/nov/dec time frame and do not want to lose my stable if i cant get online for a couple of weeks , god forbid, or i would have to get someone to help me so it stays active. thanks, Carole

It would not be “a couple of weeks”. Previously, it was either 6-8 weeks of inactivity got you an e-mail, and then another 2-4 weeks after that got you deleted.

When I re-enable it, I’m also going to add in a “hold” option so that you can flag your stable as purposefully inactive (on vacation, computer died, what-have-you). This will prevent your stable from counting as inactive for that period of time.

thats great , it really takes a load off my mind, thanks soooooooooo much , i wish i could do half what you do on the pc, oh and my son said thanks for the info on the pc classes, he is already taking one prep class, so it helped a lot!! :slight_smile: