June 21 Updates

  • race record display popup for breeding horses
  • updated race entry link to only be a link if the race has more than 1 entry in it
  • updated race stats data (AEI as I was calculating it is actually SSI, standard starts index, as it’s an average earnings/start compared to other horses’ average earnings/start; AEI is total earnings/year compared to other horses)

new graph:

  • started work on budgets, but it’s not done yet

Whoo, new graph!

Ok I’m lost with the graph. Lol  guess I need a step by step.

The graph answers Cat’s question about whether having 1 or 2 “monster” foals skews a stallion’s statistics. It does, in the case of AEI (Nightfight is the dot way out between 6 and 7, thanks to Sponsored winning 2mil+ each year he’s raced.) It doesn’t (as much) in the case of SSI because that takes into account how many races a horse has.

For AEI if pony A wins 1mil in 2016 and pony B wins 1mil in 2016, their sires’ AEIs would be identical (assuming those two were the only foals we analyze). But if it turns out that pony A was amazing and won all 10 races, and pony B sucked and won 1 big race and was last in 30 others, the SSI for the stallions would be different (pony B’s sire’s would be lower, because it would be 1mil/30 races rather than 1mil/10 races).

So you can compare the AEI and the SSI to see how consistent horses are - if AEI is high and SSI is low, they probably have a couple monster foals and the rest meh; if AEI is low and SSI is high, they don’t necessarily have any monsters but a lot of their foals keep earning paychecks consistently.

(In theory, anyway, I’m not sure that FF has enough data to really support these stats :wink: Also I haven’t displayed SSI yet, in case you’re looking for it.)

Nice, thank you

Just want to say, yay for RRs! I got distracted by the shiny graph and new stats. Old stats are awesome too. =) (Thanks for the explanation.)

That being said, I do kind of miss the %-based statistics we have in version 1.0. I imagine they will be forth coming and that they’re not implemented now because they won’t necessarily need to be tweaked the way the new stats do, right?

Yeah, they’ll be added, I just haven’t had time (trying to get the data importing stuff all ironed out, which is when the new stats get calculated).