Jockey Kevin Berry

I knew we always had a problem with him! But I assigned him as my horse’s first jockey (horse=50939)
and this horse never raced, only had workouts so far. Berry didn’t ride him even once; the horse had a different jockey each workout.
I know it’s an old issue and not very important but thought I’d report…

I don’t think that assigning a jockey as your horse’s first jockey has any effect on who rides the horse during workouts. I think that the workout jockeys are always picked at random, regardless of whether the horse has an assigned jockey or not.

Lewis - mine all work with the same jockey once it’s selected.

Although I have seen the odd random glitch like this where it just doesn’t seem to matter.

All my horses work with the same jockey if it’s selected. After a while I get the comment that says: “I know (…) like the back of my hand.” and then I wait till the jockey says which riding style the horse prefers and then I assign it. After that, the workout jockey changes only if I switch to steeplechase.
In a race, they sometimes get to have the 2nd or 3rd jockey if the 1st is taken by someone else.
But if Berry is selected as 1st, they work with random jockeys.

Same here for workouts. All comments are for the selected 1st choice jockey as long as that jockey is not K Berry. If he’s first choice, they just seem to have a jockey randomly allocated.