Jockey comment...


If a jock says, “Horse X is looking a bit tired lately.”

Is this indicative of low NE?  Or is it just indicative of their energy ranking, and the jock being hands down wrong?  I know the long quote means danger, but I don’t want to run one of my ponies if he’s dipping low on the NE.

It is related to NE, but isn’t one of the lowest ones.  (Nice and vague answer, hm?  :wink:)  In a nutshell, your horse’s NE is going down, but it’s not ready to dump your jockey and head for the hills just yet.

All right.  Works out kinda nicely, since I was planning to make Horse X’s race on Saturday his final race, and then give him a bit of a break on the farm. 

Could NE stuff be added to the FAQ?  It’s been coming up enough on the forums to warrant it, I think.

I’m planning a major overhaul of the FAQ…just need to figure out what needs to go into it, and get unlazy about doing it.  :wink:

You could probably cobble together your responses from the forum, though.  'Cause I figure our questions are pretty typical/frequently asked.  =)

Copy and paste w/ minor editing == good. 

Building off this thread…

Does bolting or spooking during training indicate anything? I thought my two-year-olds got over that by now, but the “best” one (in terms of behaviour) bolted again this morning. He and his stablemate used to bolt or spook almost daily, but when they stopped, I assumed it was just a generic two-year-old thing that they got over when they got accustomed to being on the track.

Bolting, spooking, and other unique “events” during workouts have to do with the horse’s experience, as well as other factors such as how much energy the horse has, how fit the horse is, etc.

I’m looking forward to seeing new FAQs as a lot of new stuff has been happening this year. particularly eager for info on jockeys comments as I don’t know how much to believe them. i know there is a random factor built in, but as the jockey gets more familiar with the horse I presume the comments become more reliable - is that so? if it is is there anything to give an idea as to when that is happening?
Also are there any plans for jockey info? At the moment they could all be much the same for all I can tell (apart from sex and weight) In real life of course you could observe the jockey to decide which of your horses s/he would suit ie. too heavy handed for my nervous 2yo mare but just the job for my stroppy 5 yo stallion.
it would give an indication of where to start looking when choosing a jockey as i am assuming the choice of jockey has at least some effect on how the horse runs. Also end of race comments could be helpful as well as i have has unexpected results just lately and jockey comments might help understand them.

I really like the new features although at first I was a bit concerned as to how well they would work. But they’re good, makes the game more of a challenge and keeps the interest going. Thanks Shanthi!

Yes, it has been posted before that jockeys will comment on how well they know the horse, and this is one of the few times where you can believe that they know what they’re talking about.  :wink:

Jockeys do have unique stats, like the horses.  However, I haven’t yet decided what info I want to display, or how to display it.  (Not to mention had time to code it.)  Most likely I will create a page that lists top jockeys by various parameters (riding 2yos/3yos/older horses, dirt/turf/sc, sprint/classic/endurance, racing style).

This has been requested before, and I’m honestly not sure what on earth the jockeys would have to say…  During races, horses/jockeys can fight, and horses/jockeys do get a “happiness” score at the end of the race, so I suppose the comments could reflect that, but usually the happiness is around 40-60 (on a scale of 1-100), so all the comments would be along the lines of “yeah, it was another race on your horse JimBob, nothing too exciting”, which isn’t all that useful. :wink:

Glad you like it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the information, none of my jockeys has ever said anything about knowing the horse so I’ll have to be patient a bit more! and maybe train more often too.
I’d like to see jockey stats , but I take your point about race comments  :slight_smile:
Looking forward to the rest of the season
Regards penny

Down the track similar to what you said about the jockeys being ranked what horses they handle best will there be a table as such showing their race riding stats?