Ivy Creek's End Of The Year Sales

To help raise funds for taxes (so we’re not completely dry afterwards…my first year of non-newbie taxes, eep!) and to reduce our herd, we proudly offer the following horses to prospective buyers.

All priced according to quality, but I will consider any/all offers made on these horses and potentially others should there be one from my barn that REALLY stands out to you.  However, there are a lot of sentimental favorites in there, so I make no promises!  It’s hard to let some go.

Currently listed for sale:

[color=blue]Ch. Remembrance - Asking $120,000
2008 bay stallion
Sunday Silence {S} x GCh. Cigarette {B} (x Cigar {G})
A brief glance at the overview of his race record will indicate that he’s had a pretty solid year in 2012, earning over $128,000 in this year alone from only 6 starts.  His future could potentially go one of two ways - he may continue to improve and potentially make the stud qualificiations if campaigned wisely (away from high-traffic tracks), and if so, he could be quite popular since his sire, Sunday Silence, is now retired with no sons to carry on his line.  “Rembrandt” placed 2nd in 2 of his 3 stakes starts this year, which is pretty promising.  He just didn’t get the attention he would need to make this dream plausible.  5YO is not necessarily too old - my best stakes horse blossomed at 5YO and ran undefeated most of her 5YO season.  However, if this route isn’t the one you want to take with him, or if you feel his chances slipping away, he could always be gelded and perhaps become an even MORE reliable stakes-level horse.  He’s had multiple SF’s in the 140’s and 150’s this year, which is nothing to scoff at.  I really hate to see him go, but I think he’d do better campaigning  on the west coast, Florida, or Europe/Australia, and I don’t often send horses that way.

[color=green]Out of Destiny - Asking $50,000
2007 light chestnut gelding
created lines
He only made 4 starts in 2012, but ran them (1-1-1-1).  However, of those 4 starts, he had SFs of 98, 103, and 129, so again, with a well-thought out campaign, this boy could bring home some big paychecks or, at the very least, be a consistant money-earner.  He’s a pretty sure-bet, I’ve just never been quite fond of his name -  >:D terrible, I know - but thus he’s pretty easy to let go.

[color=green]Swingshift - Asking $15,000
2009 strawberry roan gelding
created lines
Though I adore this horse, he’s been incredibly frustrating for me.  I’ve given him nearly 2 years to mature, gelded him, switched him to SC…and…nothing.  Any move he’s ever made on the track has been minimal, and never enough to garnish a paycheck.  But maybe he just needs someone with a new vantage point to see his potential, or maybe just a tad more patience for this super-slow maturer.  Who knows, but maybe someone wants to take a gamble on the handsome fellow.

[color=red]Blueyesnlevis - Asking $100,000
2009 strawberry roan mare
created lines
At first glance of her race record, her price may seem high…  She really hasn’t done much on the track her 3YO year in 2012, running 7 starts with a record of (1-0-0-1).  Her 2YO record is better, though, making me think she was just an early bloomer and is now ready for the broodmare shed.  And she’s priced accordingly.  Looking closer at her 2YO record, you’ll see that she DOES have talent - she even had a SF of 154 in a race where she beat Ch. Shezamazing by a margin of over 78 lengths.  Given that she’s got talent she refuses to use regularly, I think she has the potential to make some stellar babies when crossed with a stallion with a lot of heart…and talent.  She could also be tried on SC and raced for 2013 if she’s successful.  Who knows.

[color=blue]Dead In Time - Asking $20,000
2010 mahogany bay colt
created lines
This 2YO boy just needs some time & attention to help get him all figured out, I’m sure…but he’s another one who’s name I’ve never really been drawn to, so the poor guy becomes dispensible.  He has decent height and is green enough for there to be a wide world of possibilities to try with this guy to see if you can bring out the fighting spirit in him.  Or there’s always gelding…

Can’t afford [color=blue]Ch. Remembrance but I’d love to see a son of Sunday Silence become stud qualified. I’d breed to him in a second.

I’m interested in [color=blue]Dead In Time but I don’t know if I can shell out $20,000.  Do you want us to PM you teh offers, or just post them here?  Being a new stable, I just need some horses that are willing to run for me in allowance races. 

Hmm…  For now, I’m kind of holding out on a $20,000 offer because that won’t even quite get me what money I’ve invested in him once taxes are all paid up, and I try to at least break even with all sales…  I’ll keep it in mind, though.

However, I think I may be able to help you out in some way.  I’ll PM ya.  :wink:


Although she isn’t listed as being for sale, one horse you have that I might be interested in is Keria Toon, 2007 b. m. by Cartoon Moon x Kerimah Heart.

I had put in a claim for her when she ran in a claiming race in October last year but you were the successful claimant. I have followed her career since then with interest (and a little envy) so please let me know if you are willing to let her go, and what you would hope to get for her (bearing in mind, she would probably have one more race this year and be retired to stud next year).


Aw man, I’m stationed on the West Coast and am planning on a massive campaign for all my horses in Santa Anita…I’d love to try Remembrance here. May I propose a lease instead? I don’t have the money to buy him (all of that went into the Foal Auction, ha ha), but I’d like to see if there’s any chance for me to get him stud-qualified.

*can the lease be about three weeks from now? I’m waiting on a few races that would hopefully pad my stable budget,  ::)


Yes, I was very fortunate to get Keria Toon - she’s been a great asset to the farm, and to be honest, I’m not sure I’d be willing to part with her (it’s kind of hard to part with a SW Ch.-ranked future broodmare, ha).  I don’t know what price range you were thinking, but there’s pretty much a price for everything.  Feel free to PM me a price range and maybe I’ll reconsider…  She’s not one of the ones I would never, evereverEVER part with (cough, cough Madd Karol), but she’s one that you’d have to pry out of my grasp, ha.

And Shirozora-

As for a lease on Remembrance, I will definitely consider it in the springtime if he doesn’t sell.  I’m kind of hoping he doesn’t, because like you, I’m a HUGE fan and ever-hopeful for a miracle on his part, ha.  Were it not for a bit of a money crunch, I wouldn’t even consider a sale, but I thought I’d see if anyone would bite.  For now, he’s resting up at the farm to regain his motivation, with tentative plans for a minor stakes/allowance run at a nearby track to see if he’s back in form…to which he’ll probably still head to the farm for a rest (length determined by how well/poorly he did in that race) before shipping out somewhere, more than likely the west coast (but I wanted to check the seasons at other tracks to see when they start/end).  Once he’s out there for a bit, if it’s a long enough season, I’d be happy to arrange a 3-4 month lease (free or minimal fee, depending), with the conditions that he rests up first for a month, then runs with you to earn you whatever he can before shipping home to NY…or rests at the beginning & end of the lease 2-3 weeks.  Meh.  You get the point, and I’ve rambled.  :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh I don’t mind the rambling. Well then we’ll just have to hope Remembrance is a late bloomer. Of course the only problem with me having Remembrance here is that he might clash with my star horse Leave A Note, but Remembrance does need a Grade I win more than him so…I suppose that if he doesn’t sell we can always…try to tag team him into studhood,  :smiley: