Iron Spur Stables First Stallions for 2015

[color=red]Any cancellations of stables  that have received a multiple mare discount will require notification so I can open the spot and change the fees!
We do have a live foal guarantee.

Iron Spur Stables Has Aquired its first Stallion, due to his first small crop just hitting the ground his fee is being reduced , he is from created lines , but looks like he was a good little turf runner.Also He was not Raced until age 4-6, I am hoping this bodes well for his babies to have a long racing career, imagine what he could have done as a 2 & 3 yo.

[align=center][color=red]NCh. Slip In The Mud
[color=purple]Stud Fee  $8,000 , newbie discount $5,000 ( year or less in game ) Also multiple mare discounts available for 3 or more mares.
Slip in the Mud’s 2016 foal crop is nominated for the BC Races
Bay , Stallion
Markings: Star, stripe, RF Stocking
Height: 15.3h
Track Record: Mult. Stakes Winner, Mult. Stakes Placed, Multi-Millionaire
Lifetime 51(36) 13(9) 6(5) 5(3) 2 $2,090,600 560

[color=red]Horse Highlights
[color=blue]Speed Records
Race Distance Surface Time
6.0 furlongs Turf 1:11.505

[color=red]Graded Stakes
Grade 1
Won: Lightning Stakes (2011)
  Newmarket Handicap (2011)
  Manikato Stakes (2012)
Placed: Goodwood Handicap (2011)
  Haydock Sprint Cup (2011)
  July Cup (2011)
Showed: Breeders’ Cup Turf Sprint (2011)
  King George VI Chase (2013)
Grade 2
Won: King’s Stand Stakes (2011)
  Swettenham Stud Stakes (2011)
  Theo Marks Stakes (2012)
Placed: QTC Cup (2011)
Grade 3
Won: Marine Stakes (2011)
  Tramway Handicap (2012)
Showed: Asian Beau Stakes (2013)


[align=center]Introducing our second Stallion acquired from the Railbird clearance, He is from created lines but had an awesome racing career! So introducing to Iron Spur Stables lineup…
[color=red]ICh. Gilded Saint

DOB: July 3, 2008  ,Dark bay , with Snip, LF Sock, RH Stocking, LH Ermine
Height: 17.3h
[color=red]STUD FEE $5,000 , multiple mare discounts available for 3 or more mares.
This horse is BC NOMINATED for 2016

[color=blue]Horse Highlights
[color=red]Speed Records
Race Distance Surface Time
9.9 furlongs Dirt 2:34.900
9.9 furlongs Steeplechase 3:35.665
9.9 furlongs Steeplechase 3:02.435
9.9 furlongs Steeplechase 3:07.090
9.9 furlongs Steeplechase 2:54.735
9.9 furlongs Steeplechase 2:51.820
9.9 furlongs Steeplechase 2:46.115
9.9 furlongs Steeplechase 2:37.075
9.9 furlongs Steeplechase 3:23.175
9.9 furlongs Steeplechase 2:40.510

[color=red]Graded Stakes
[color=blue]Grade 1
[color=red]Won: Townsend Prince Breeders’ Stakes (2012)
Ascot Gold Cup (2013)
Joe Aitcheson (2013)
Secret of Love Stakes (2013)
Breeders’ Cup SC Endurance (2014)
Hard Scuffle (2014)
Meadow Brook Stakes (2014)
[color=red]Placed: Cheltenham Gold Cup (2013)
[color=red]Showed: Breeders’ Cup SC Endurance (2013)
MeadowBrook Stakes (2013)
Ascot Gold Cup (2014)
Joe Aitcheson (2014)
Secret of Love Stakes (2014)
[color=blue]Grade 2
[color=red]Won: Royal Gloucestershire (2012)
Juvenile Steeplechase (2014)
[color=red]Placed: Bowling Green Handicap (2013)
Pillar Steeplechase (2013)
[color=blue]Grade 3
[color=red]Won: Hal’s Hope Handicap (2014)
Spring Gold Cup (2014)
[color=red]Placed: Next Move Handicap (2014)
[color=red]Showed: Vigil Stakes (2012)
Next Move Handicap (2013)

[color=red]Eclipse Awards
2014 Steeplechase Horse

[color=red]Race Record
Year Starts 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Earnings Points

8 0 0 0 0 $0 0

13(1) 4 0 5 0 $115,950 55

20(18) 3(2) 1 1(1) 4(4) $421,500 139

20(19) 3(3) 4(4) 3(3) 2(1) $918,500 247

21(18) 7(7) 1(1) 4(3) 1(1) $2,371,000 355
[color=red]Lifetime 82(56) 17(12) 6(5) 13(7) 7(6) $3,826,950 796

Announcing another addition to the Iron Spur Stables Line up…

[size=120][color=red]ICh.Cryptic Ballad
DOB: February 10, 2006 ,Brown, Stallion, with a RH Sock, LH Coronet, 17.1h
He is from created lines but had an awesome racing career!
[color=red]STUD FEE $5,000 , multiple mare discounts available for 3 or more mares.
This horse is NOT BC NOMINATED for 2016

[color=red]Horse Highlights
[color=blue]Grade 1
[color=red]Won: Joe Aitcheson (2009)
Vosburgh Stakes (2009)
Hard Scuffle (2010)
[color=red]Placed: Hard Scuffle (2009)
Irish Grand National (2009)
[color=red]Showed: Meadow Brook Stakes (2009)

[color=blue]Grade 2
[color=red]Won: Independent Novice (2010)
Sparkford Chase (2010)
Tom Fool Handicap (2010)
[color=red]Showed: Dipper Novices (2010)

[color=blue]Grade 3
[color=red]Won: Mac Diarmida Handicap (2010)
[color=red]Placed: Ladbroke Trophy (2010)

[color=red]Eclipse Awards
[color=blue]2009 Steeplechase Colt

[color=blue]Race Record
[color=red]Year**Starts 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Earnings Points
2009-14(10) 4(2) 2(2) 1(1) 1(1) $651,500 163
2010-18(18) 8(8 ) 1(1) 2(2) 4(4) $629,050 405
2011----7(3)-- 0     0     0       1             $700     0
[color=red]Life-- 39(31) 12(10) 3(3) 3(3) 6(5) $1,281,250 568

[color=maroon]His first crop hit the track this year so will be keeping a close eye on them.[/align]

No approval required and there is no line yet, so get your girls in line. lol Send a PM if you need a discount.

Feb A–Jub Jub Bird/Remedy Ranch
Feb B-- Fighting Shot /Southern Cross TC
Feb C-- Little Miss Chrome/Iron Spur
Feb D–Flower Of War /Cirque Du Soleil Stables
Feb E–Little Miss Chrome / Iron Spur Stables
March A-- Fit to be Jim /Cricket Hill
March B–Affluenza / Marshall Creek Ranch
March C-- Tough Call /Marshall Creek Ranch
March D-- Omaroo /Generous Bloodstock
March E–Dynamic Match / Misty Lodge
March F-- In the Dark /Misty Lodge
April A—Tizher Halo/ Final Furlong
April B–SpringSider /Good Company Stables
April C–Top Secret/Final Furlong
April D-- Western Echo/Final Furlong
May A–Mailorder Bride /Final Furlong
May B–Too Cute Too Skip / Final Furlong
May C— Sugar High / Final Furlong
May D-- On Line in no Time / Final Furlong
June A–Road Runner / Final Furlong
June B-- On Your Mark /Good Company Stables
June C-- Quicksilver/ Final Furlong
June D–Divine Your Future/Final Furlong
July A – Fortunate Sword / Final Furlong
July B–Blinding Flash/Ride the Wind
July C-- Orbital/Iron Spur Stables
July D
Aug A-- Disco Duck/Iron Spur Stables
Aug B-Tigers Miss/Iron Spur Stables-
Aug C-- Sugar Road/ Iron Spur  Stables
Aug D-- Intern/Iron Spur Stables


I have 3 mares that I would like to send to your man.

Kitty’s Legend for April C
On Your Mark for May C
SpringSider for April A

What will the stud fee be for each mare since I am sending 3 his way.  Thanks!



[align=left][color=red]BOOKINGS FOR ICH. GILDED SAINT

      Month             Mare           Owner
Feb (1) Silent Witness/Sheldrake Racing
Feb (1) Tricks and Games/Final Furlong
Feb (2) Kilburn Kate/Railbird Racing
Feb (2) All Those Glasses/Railbird Racing
Mar (1) Blackfoot Railbird/Racing
Mar (1) Admiral Ivory/Banana Tree Farms
Mar (2) Kitten’s Award/Railbird Racing
Mar (2) Glitter Rose/Black Storm West
Mar (3) Ante Up/Railbird Racing
Mar (3) Townsend Miracle/ Stables
Apr (1) Ozma/Southern Cross TC
Apr (1) Almost Blue/Fire Grass Farm
Apr (2) Northwest Colors/Railbird Racing
Apr (2) Made In Silk/Railbird Racing
May (1) Slick Wit/Marshall Creek Ranch
May (1) Morgaine/Darkwood Stables
May (2) Queen Of Valentine/ Thoroughbreds
May (2) A Splash of Color/Cricket Hill
June (1) Flying Feline/Ivy Creek
        June (1).  Hollywood Halo / Final Furlong
June (2) Diliverance /Sheldrake Racing
June (2).  Brazen Success/ Final Furlong
July (1) Time Ina Bottle / Final Furlong
July (1)  American Heiress / Freedom
July (2)
July (2)
Aug (1)
Aug (1) Raisininthesun/Iron Spur Stables
Aug (2) Skip Away Home/Iron Spur Stables
Aug (2) Pharaoh’s Spirit/Iron Spur Stables[/align]

Could I reserve the June 1 spot for my mare American Heiress please?

Thank you and sorry for my ignorance.

No prob and a lot of people didn’t hear at first its ok. I got her down for him under June 15th because the first was taken but she’s got the spot reserved.

Slp in the Mud has 2 spots left  July/august
Gilded Saint has 3 spots left. July/July/august

[align=center]Introducing a new Stud by private treaty

ICh.Cryptic Ballad has 2 spots left for 15-30 August
ICh.Gilded Saint has 1 spot left for 1-15 August
NCh.Slip in the Mud has 1 spot left for 15-30 August

For 2016 breeding season all 3 stallions will have a stud fee of $8,000 with live foal guarantee and BC Nominated[/align]