Iron spur broodies for lease in 2018

Haven’t done so in the past but am overflowing but love the bloodines, lol so these girls will be offered for lease after foaling all $25k each , if interested please just post here or pm me.

Lioness can come with the foal she is carrying for an extra $5k

Celtic lioness (due 7/5/18)
Alyjoy.(due 7/2/18)
Charm bracelet  (due5/11/18)
Heard a rumour(due 2/7/18)
Ancient breeze.(due 2/5/18)
Ch. On the catwalk(due 1/8/18) - ivy creek
Painted sunset  (due 5/8/18)
High wire dancing (due 1/31/18) .
Intimate dancer(due 3/31/18)
Rocking bird  (due 7/5/18)
Wedding reception(due 5/10/18)
Fighting fish (due 7/6/18) .

I also still have  a few for sale and some are ranked

Would you be interested in selling Charm Bracelet?

If you were, I don’t know if it can be set up so that her foal, when born, would revert back to you, or whether we agree to the sale after the foal is born.

Sorry I think she’s my only class act mare

Would you be willing to sell Charlene? Same deal with the foal.

No sorry I sold one of her foals in the select auction because I needed money and missed out on her sister. She’s a very rare line and I can’t part with her

I would be interested in leasing On The Catwalk at that price. :slight_smile:  She looks exceptional.

No problem :slight_smile:

I guess you changed your mind on the lease of On The Catwalk?  :frowning: I’ll have to cancel her reservation as it appears that she has been bred…