No matter the combination I tried, my training comes up with invalid in the jockey’s comments and no workout listed in the horse’s stats.  But the energy and fitness changed.  I’ve only been able to train this one horse once.  I paid attention to the distance restrictions on such things as jogging and cantering.   ???

Make sure you’re selecting a track as well (dirt vs turf, jumps vs no jumps).

The requirements for valid workouts are:

  • Valid distance options (in general and the special 2yo requirements)
  • Jockey selection
  • Track selection
  • Effort level (100% by default)

You do not need to select more than 1 activity per training session if you don’t want to, but you do need to select at least one.

duh javascript:void(0);  Track selection.

Thank you for your patience.    :-[