Inpatiently waiting!

Well my last foal is now 14 days overdue! A.P Valentino is really making me wait for her Foolhardy foal. Hope all goes well and next couple of days she will pop.

Good luck! Hope her foal arrives healthy (and soon).

One of mine is 20 days over now, is that a sign of a possible problem? :confused:

Nope, mares can go as long as 6 weeks past their due date.

oh phew. Well we’re half-way there then lol

I’ve got one that’s quite late as well and I was wondering if she keeps her legs crossed and actually foals in August, does that mean I wouldn’t be able to breed her this year?

I was wondering the same - I have one left, who was due July 1.  Of course, it’s the gold-rated (at 18.3 rating so far, so hopefully platinum soon!) mare that I just managed to buy back for an astronomical sum.  ::)  It’s always the ones you are already anxious about!

I’m curious about the breeding question as well, although I was considering waiting until next Jan/Feb anyway since we are now SO late in the year…

Yes - any mares that foal in August won’t be able to be rebred this year.

I’m also waiting on one… but it’s a create I think :wink: or maybe I re-bred a leased broodmare… I don’t know, but my page says that there is one foal left and all my broodmares have their 2018 foals on the ground. But I did create a weanling from activity points, after losing three foals; out of NCh. Queen, Leading Lady and Roll of Quarters. This weanling hasn’t appeared yet, and my page says that there is one foal left (although its due date keeps changing…). So I guess it must be the created one.

Yeah, created babies don’t really have a due date (because they have no parents), so it picks random dates around the birthday.

OK - come on Flawless, uncross those legs!

Well my wait is over… A.P Valentino foaled a healthy colt on my birthday! Couldn’t have been better. She may be bred again or retired.

I would love to lease her if you are interested

I have decided to breed her for the last time to takemetohollywood. thanks for your interest though. Brianna-Edgewood Stud