Ineligible Horse running in the BC

Breeders’ Cup Distaff winner [Ch. Daiquiri] did not appear to be in the Qualifiers list for that race.

My understanding of things is… could well be incorrect??
Paid to supplement and entered her hoping less than 14 from the qualifying list entered. Meaning she would get a run but if field was full of qualified runners I wouldn’t get a run so entry fee wasted.

I think that the way Supplementary Nominations works is that, if a horse is Supplemented for a race, if the horse had enough qualifying points to be in the top 20, it would appear in the Qualifiers list.
Whether fewer than 14 from the qualifying list were declared to run or not would not have a bearing in this case. The fact that Daiquiri didn’t appear in the final Qualifiers List should have stopped you from being able to enter her.

Is the bug in the code to do with the actual list and was she among the top 20, even though the list didn’t show her or is it in the code that checks that a horse being entered is in the list?

@Starfish that is my understanding of how the breeders cup runs as well. That if your horse runs well during the year and collect points, you can then supplement if not already nominated. But the horse has to qualify as well as be nominated.

Looks like we need the boss to make a decision then…

It’s one thing for Shanthi to “scratch” an ineligible entry before the race has been run, as has been done in the past, as she would just have to reimburse the entry fee.

To “scratch” a horse after their race is a whole new ball of wax. She would not only have to do that but she would need to adjust the racing records of Daiquiri and all the other runners in the race as well as all of their owners budgets and the sites and dams records too, just to mention a few things.

I would guess that she would leave the result as stands and try and figure out how you were able to enter Daiquiri in the race and fix it for next year.

I only noticed this because I like to look and see how the top rated horses did in each race and where the winner was ranked.

Yes, regardless the result is staying as-is.

I’ll need to look into the code and see if I can figure out what happened. Supplemental nomination shouldn’t change the logic that if you’re in the top 20 qualified you can enter, if not you can’t.