Increased # of Chase Races

I was wondering if it would be possible to increase the number of steeplechase races that are available? Over half of my stable is chasers and its getting increasingly difficult to find races for them to run in. They already end up competing against each other for the most part, others sit at the track or farm waiting for a race to come available, some of them its a month plus before a race pops up. Just curious if increasing race availability is possible?


Yes! Or a new race day only for chasers… and adding Velka Pardubicka to the famous races :wink:

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I’d like to add more jump races, mainly a question of time to sort out the various options.


Gets my vote :slightly_smiling_face:

Definitely in favor, especially for increased # of stakes races after August (if you’re not in the BC or BS you’re stuck with allowances after mid-October).

Definitely in favor of this!!

I’m happy to take volunteers if anyone wants to manually put together a schedule. :wink: Otherwise I’d need to see when I’ll have time to put together a script.

I would love to do this! I have a list of RL UK races at home (full schedule/details) and I will also look up US-based races as well.

While we are on the subject of races, can we maybe add a new race location or increase the # of races at certain tracks like Arlington or more stakes at Del Mar? I feel we can probably remove Lone Star from the race search as I don’t think we have any races there anymore (I want to say it was for the BC once upon a time).

Yes, Lone Star can go.

I’d need to play around with the numbers on the existing schedule to see if it maybe makes sense to do 3 race days/week and have each one be dedicated for surface (dirt day/turf day/jumps day), or just stick with having them be mixed days as they are now.

And there’s a bunch of code that assumes only races on Wednesday/Saturdays. :wink:

I’d like to keep it mixed on the same days, easier to keep track of when entering/ not entering is.

The only issue with that is the performance of the races. Right now 50 races can run but it takes 10-20min for them to run, so if it were 75 races the server might get sad. I could always put the site into a locked mode while races run, to avoid people browsing the site while races are running.

(Also if a 3rd day would be added it would be in addition to the current 2 days, likely Mon/Wed/Sat, because races have been run on Wed/Sat for…decades? that’s not changing. :wink: )

I’m kind of liking that idea! I would definitely love to see more races available in general.

I’ve been finding it difficult to find some races like lower (M-NW2) level 3yo only races because some of my 3yos utterly suck for a while. Especially 3yo F races as well at all levels, so I think splitting it up to D/T/SC across 3 different race days would give us plenty variety!

I’m excited!