Incorrect foals due number??

Hi Shanthi,
I was looking over my General Stats and noticed that it lists me as having 36 broodmares(all of whom are in foal), 1 weanling but only 33 more foals due this year. Is it giving me a hint that I will lose 2 foals this year?

Should be fixed.

Ack! I hope not Jade D: I demand all Cascade babies to be in good health!

Thanks Shanthi but maybe it hates me but its still showing the same thing. :frowning:

Thanks Bam for the good wishes, although I will now be bracing myself for the remainder of the foaling season :frowning: Fingers crossed anyway!! :slight_smile:

Maybe your missing foals are at my place somewhere…

I currently have 25 broodmares.  2 have foaled already this year and one is not in foal (she was a 3yo who broke her leg) so I should have 22 babies coming, but it lists me as having 25 foals on the way.

Now it’s fixed.

Auction mares’ babies didn’t get their new owner info set when the mare sold.

Ah, makes sense! In that case at least one of my babies was at your place Andrea since I bought a pregnant mare at your auction :slight_smile:. Thanks for looking into that Shanthi!

FYI-not a big deal since they’re not doing anything, but now my Retired Horses is listed as 0. There’s nine I believe and they still show up when I go to View Retired. Just thought you’d want to know.


Hunh, ok, I totally didn’t expect that to actually be the issue :slight_smile:.  Welp, enjoy your new mystery babies!

Hehe, I’m TRYING Andrea but the code really doesn’t seem to want me to have a worry free foaling season! :slight_smile: Now its issue is(and I haven’t seen any other posts on this) that I have a foal here who is “unborn” but has a date of birth of Jan 9th. I’m guessing the unborn status is the reason for him not showing up in my group of weanlings.  Oh, AND he’s already 15hh, hopefully poor Barchetta didn’t really give birth to a full grown horse!  :stuck_out_tongue: He’s been named Confused in the meantime.

I’m starting to think the code is out to get me! :wink: Anyway, not a big deal, but whenever you have some time could you look into this Shanthi?


Sense this already exists in this post, I’ll post my weirdness too.

Arcane Maiden Says she’s had a foal, and is ready to be bread, but her foal… born Jan 8th shows unborn

The same issue appears to have happened with

[url]Beauty Affirmed[/url] and her [url]foal[/url]

Thanks Shanthi.


Heh.  That happened to me last time.  I believe I had a 16hh colt coming out of a 15hh mare.  The colt shrunk magically overnight (YAY Shanthi!), but the colt was named “Handful of Trouble.”

The foal bugs have been fixed.

Thanks Shanthi! :slight_smile:

Hi @Shanthi! I know this particular post is from ancient times, but interestingly I’m having the same issue that’s described here. The number of “Foals Still Due” under my General Statistics (15) doesn’t match my number of pregnant broodmares (16). Thanks. :slight_smile: