In Progress: Training Schedules + Workouts

I’m working on migrating training schedules + workouts over to the beta app.

Progress: (note that none of this is live yet, so “done” isn’t actually visible)

  • Migrate existing schedules + horses (done)
  • Add horses to training schedules (done)
  • Remove horses from training schedules (done)
  • Show scheduled activities for today (done)
  • Automatically work out horses based on their schedule (to do)
  • Manually work out horses based on their schedule (to do)
  • Manually work out horses regardless of their schedule (to do)
  • Flag schedules as valid or invalid for 2yos (to do)
  • Notifications for workout results (to do)

I’m removing the concept of a private schedule for a given horse. Stables will be allowed up to 10 schedules. I think currently only a dozen or so horses have a private schedule, and right now the limit is 5 stable schedules, so hopefully 10 is plenty.

Anything else people would like to see, while I’m working on this?


Thanks Shanthi,

If it isn’t too difficult to code, would it be possible to be able to select more than one horse at a time to set up their schedules? As an example, 2YO’s. Usually, we won’t have different schedules for them so, rather than have to set up schedules for them one by one, we could select a block of horses at the same time to set up their schedules (even if there is a limit of how many we can change/set up at the same time).


Second this please. Would be really helpful for those of us with lots of racehorses.

Third this! It would also be great to bulk-remove schedules for the same reason. I like giving my 2yos different training schedules than my 3yo+, and it takes forever 1) to assign schedules to a new batch of 2yos, and 3) delete 2yo schedules on brand new 3yos then re-assign the 3yo+ schedule.


Fourthed! :joy_cat:

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I agree with others and also if it’s not too complicated to code, would be amazing to be able to group horses by age and schedule they have assigned.

Cool - right now I’ve got it so that you only select one horse at a time to add/remove from a schedule, but I should be able to change that.

And/or, I could add the option to flag age(s) where the schedule would apply, and it would assign automatically. :thinking:


This should definitely be possible, I’ll have to ponder how best to do it. Right now I’ve got the view from the schedule’s point of view, e.g. schedule A has 10 horses. I haven’t yet done the view from the horse’s point of view, e.g. horse A uses schedule B.