Improvements for 2009 Schedule

Hey guys,

I’m planning on

revamping the schedule for '09, and hopefully adding more races.

So…what in the current

schedule needs changing, and what do we need more of overall?

Just general

notes:[]2yos will not race until April[]3yos

will not race beyond 9.5f until after the Derby (flat)[*]3yo+ SC races will

be limited until May/June[*]There will hopefully

be 2 sets of 25 races per week (50 races total)
I think those are

the main guidelines, at least the ones I can think of right now.

Please suggest. :slight_smile: I

can’t think of an easy/quick way to really balance the schedule as I’m creating it (other

than my trying to do it as I go, which obviously had some issues this year, from what I can

tell so far), so I’m relying on you guys to suggest alternate schedule options.

hmmm…well i didn’t really

notice anything big this year. I just noticed a few times that some days schedules would be

mainly fillies races and some would be mainly colt races. Maybe on the same days try to have

filly and colt races around the same distance. And maybe a few more turf races earlier in

the year. But that is all pety stuff. I didn’t recongize any thing else.

Well I have a list of

suggestions that I made incase this thread ever came up, but sadly, they have been moved to

the new house and guess where I am??? The old house. LOL. So just as soon as my list,

computer and I get together again, I will type it all out.

Best Regards,

Just so you (and I) have a

written record of this…

Gradually phase the maiden races into lower level

claimers/allowances throughout the year… going to be hard to find many 4yo+ Maiden F/M in

October probably…

Have more higher priced claimers (25-30k ish)

Have more open


Really did a good job for having to do it like you did and would have been

absolutely fine had I gotten workouts done this summer like I was supposed to so the poor

horsies didn’t have to race every 2 weeks… Whoops :smiley:

I didn’t have any major


Maybe there was a lack of stakes races for F&M on SC in the first 1/2 of the

year, then once 2YO stakes pooped up they seemed to be all dirt ones mostly.

But yeah, I

can live and 2008 has been the best year ever! :slight_smile: