I'm totally confused...

Hi guys!
I’m a newbie to this game but I play some other non-horse racing websites. But they are really different to this game so I don’t really get how to play. Can anybody help me?

Welcome! I’d suggest reading the frequently asked questions section finalfurlong.org/faq.php as this might help you. It’s quite straightforward once you get the hang of it but the FAQs will give you a lot of background info.

There’s a lot more planning and effort that goes into this game than into others. Final Furlong is run in real time, despite the year being in the future. The FAQ page is your friend, and anything you can’t find on there can probably be found by searching the forums. Training your horses is important, and giving them rest at your home farm every few months or so is critical. Like real horses, FF horses need time between races, and they have jockeys and equipment they like and dislike. Keeping records of their successes and failures will help a lot. Everyone does that differently (I have a variety of Excel sheets on Google Docs that track everything from the best times run in races to my horses’ parents’ maturing patterns), so it’ll be up to you to figure out what works and what doesn’t. You can breed horses from the start, but bear in mind that breeding is expensive, so having a team of good runners is important. I’ve nearly sunk myself several times due to buying/breeding way too much. Also, due to the way the game is run, there’s only so much you can do in a day/week/month/year, so patience is important.

Definitely try not to have too many horse too soon - it’s hard not to as there’s so many pretty ones! But It’s really only the racers that pay for themselves (hopefully) and maybe the studs if they are successful and/or popular. Broodmares tend to cost you in breeding and shipping fees unless you’re lucky enough to have a suitable stud of your own to breed them to. If you breed your own horses, it’s wonderful to see the new foals but it’s a least two years before they hit the track and maybe longer before they show any enthusiasm about running.

Thanks everyone

Hope you have fun! Welcome to Final Furlong!