I'm No Fool Retirement

It is with sadness that we announce that FFCh. I’m No Fool was retired by the game. He was 17 and was a son of FFCh. Foolhardy.

This has been a rough year for us, as far as breeding goes. We have had 11 active mares retired this year and this is the second of our active stallions to be retired this year.

As a racehorse, he won a massive 36 races, (33 SW - 18 G1W) and had earnings of $13,021,000. He earned 6 Eclipse Awards, including Horse of the Year in both FF2014 & FF2015.

As a stallion, he has produced 225 runners so far, with 163 winners (72%), 49 SW, 31 MSW, 13 millionaires, and his progeny have earned an average of $305,014. He was Silver ranked (5.2) and was Chef-de-Race (I). He has one son, NCh. Manhattan at Stud and another one, GCh. Hey Fool who is 2 SW’s away from being stud-qualified for Litlefield.

Because of this premature retirement, any mares bred to him on or after April 17th this year will be unbred, also any breeding slots scheduled for after this date will have to be rescheduled to another stallion. Apart from 5 of our mares who I will have to find new ‘mates’ for, the following outside mares will also be affected by this:-

Allegro Thoroughbreds - Whiteadder Water (already bred)
Generous Bloodstock - Giant Silver Cat (booked for Jun 2)
Gintara Lodge - Forever Heir & Evening Impact (both already bred)
Hidden Oak Farm - Nightingale (already bred)
Sakura Springs - Towering Clover (already bred)
Tall Oaks Farm - Ancient Office (booked for Jun 1)

Apologies to all of these owners who have to revamp their breeding plans.


Oh wow, I’m sorry for the loss. I’m No Fool felt like one of those who would still be breeding for another 20 years. We’ve always had our best luck with his daughters, and currently own 6 (all black type) and 4 are MSWs with one mare having already produced a MSW with her first foal. He’s definitely left a legacy!

Oh man, another favorite of mine! We have 3 broodmares including my favorite racing mare, Louboutin. We of course also own Manhattan, our first homebred to stud-qualify. I hope he can live up to his sire’s (and grandsire’s) legacy!

ETA: I think the game keeps showing that Manhattan has a May slot, but he only has July & August open if anyone is looking.


Sorry to hear this Lewis. It feels like he’s been around forever.

This really has been a rough year. Glad to see he has a son at stud, though. Hopefully Manhattan proves to be as good of a producer as his sire. I’m No Fool was such a reliable producer.