I'm New, and FF sounds so exciting!

Can’t wait 'til I’m accepted, so in the meantime, I’m exploring the site, and reading the FAQ. Any tips for me once I start?

Hi Sora and welcome to FF. From my own experience (I have been a member for just over a year) regular re reading of the rules and FAQs is a good idea, there’s a lot of information in them and it is easy to forget things. i stil look at them myself from time to time to check I haven’t overlooked something.
make haste slowly, this is a game for the patient. It’s hard to be patient when you’ve first started, I know I wanted to do everything at once  :slight_smile: and when you only have two horses to race in real time it can seem awfully slow at first. Choose your races carefully keep to low level ones till you know how your horses run. Don’t ship them all over the place it’ll cost you a fortune. send them to a suitable track and keep them there either till you have made money to afford shipping, or the track closes for the season. Be visible on the forum and make friends with other players. Most people on here are friendly and helpful and once you look as though you will stick with it you’ll probably get practical help as well.
Hope you enjoy the game as much as i do!


I know this is off topic, cause I’m always off topic, but everytime I see your name I think about KH1 and 2.

KH? What’s that?

And Sora is short for Sorrelleaf, which is my character for Warriors (feral cat series by Erin Hunter). She’s modeled after my own lovely kitteh, Pepper.

KH’ll be Kingdom Hearts, methinks.

Though you’re not the only Warriors Fan here grin
I’m… well… a pretty big fan.

I thought of Kingdom Hearts as well… I really need to finish up game 2.  Unfortunately my favorite part is doing Gummi Ship runs which makes it hard to progress through the story :wink:.

What’s Kingdom Hearts? I’ve heard of it, but I have no idea what it is. I’m assuming it’s MMORG.

It’s a console game (PS2, and maybe X-box?)…basically Disney meets Final Fantasy.  You wander around as a FF-type character and meet up with Disney characters and wander through Disney worlds trying to save people/defeat evil.

Never ever say that FF is at all related to KH 1 or 2.

I am a diehard FF fan, as evident by my name, and I can’t stand how badly done KH1 or 2 is.  D:  It broke my heart to see some of my favorite characters warped beyond recognition.

It took me a second to figure out that you were talking about Final Fantasy. XD

(and I politely disagree; KH is a good game :slight_smile: )

Bah, I just didnt like it.  FF8 is like the holy grail to me.  I think the animation of KH1 turned me off, and then I was bored with it cause I didnt want to look at it.