I'm Just Another Waiting Member

I don’t even have my farm yet and I’m already loving this game! I’ve read through the rules and the FAQ’s and I was wondering if there is anything else I should check out before beginning to play.

I just got my farm this week (Copper Hill Farm)!  Even though I read the Newbie guide and the FAQs, i’m finding a lot of info in the forum.  You should probably spend some quality time reading through bugs, problems, questions,…etc that have been answered in the forum. 

It may help you when you are ready to enter your first race.



Thanks! I’ll be sure to do that!

Welcome to the game, both of you!! :slight_smile:

it’s also a good idea to re read them from time to time as theres so much info it’s easy to forget some of it. I’m still finding useful bits even now and I’ve been here nearly 10 months.
hope you will enjoy the game as much as i do!

Thanks for the advice everyone! I’m an actual member now, and I must say I’m glad I did go through and read everything. :slight_smile: