Im here and cant wait!

my name is Dana. I’m 26 years old.I ride horses in real life; I currently own one horse, who I have had since 1992. He was 4 years old then. He’s quite the character… He was a chestnut with a big white start on his forehead as a baby, with a penchant for untying everyone and everything he could possibly reach.

His mother was a thoroughbred, and his father a dutch warmblood. He grew up to be a fleabitten grey. I ride dressage with him, and have done the occasional local show. We’re riding 1st level currently. Trail riding ALOT. I trailride him all over the state; he loves it.

Due to a few incidents where I leased him out during some tight financial times, he can no longer jump due to an injury of being overjumped over a period of 2 days, over 3ft fences, which he was NOT ready for by any shade of the imagination; he had just started over fences >:(

Needless to say, he’s my baby boy, and best friend. And yes, he no longer bolts. I can put anyone on him; he one of those rare ones that LOVES human interaction, and enjoys his work so much that it is downright scary sometimes.

in real life besides my horse, I’m much more a homebody than anything. Give me books, TV, computer. I’m all with it. I occasionally go out to a club with some friends, but im not much into the club scene. I’d much rather do the cheesy “family” activities; bowling, ice skating, movies,etc. I love going to fairs and such. I recently became a HUGE rollercoaster fan,after having been afraid for my life to ever get on one for so many years.

I’ve been in a few relaionships long-term, but recently broke up with my boyfriend of 4 years, so im not into jumping back into the dating pool anytime soon.

as far as the game goes, i’ve read the newbie guide, and will begin my adventure into readin all of the forum topics. Are there any specific topics I should read about?

Welcome to the game. I’m sure you’ll love it ;D

A bowler :astonished: you wouldn’t come from the upper mid-west would you it’s the only place I’ve  noticed bowling being big :wink:

Welcome to FF!! Sounds like you’ll fit right in! :slight_smile:

Wow, you sound just like an older version of me! And you’ve had your lovely horse since the year I was born.  :wink:

I hope you have a great time here. The players are all wonderful, and the game is addicting. Have fun!  ;D

Hey, sorry to hear about your pony.  Leasing can be an awesome thing, but sometimes it´s the cause of a lot of pain.  At least you still own the cute bugger.

As for reading material while you wait, I´d first suggest checking out the FAQ and the newbie guide that´s linked off of the FAQ.  In addition to that, check out the forum for stickied posts, which can be found at the top of each of the forums´list of threads (e.g. waiting area, off topic, etc.).  Within the forums you´ll find more up to date information regarding natural energy, shipping, race code margins being on crack and other stuff.  This is because the race code was just introduced this year along with some of the other bells and whistles (training, jocks, shipping, etc.), so the FAQ has yet to be updated.

Good luck. =)