✅ I seem to have bid againdt myself!

Placed a bid on Political Limit this morning and went back to the auction page to look for another prospect. on Opening my auction page a few minutes ago (16.45 BST) i see I have some way managed to outbid myself despite not having and recollection of having done so. two of the bid seem to have happened simultaneously down to the last second and increased from 25,000 to 25,500. I can’t understand this as even if I had accidentally clicked on something I never would have typed in an amount. Can this be corrected? obviously I would be prepared to go to this limit in a bidding war but not If I don’t have to. Thanks


Auction Bidding

Did you bid while on mobile ? @Wolfhound

I had a similar problem with Warm War and sent Shanthi a message about it. She fixed the problem for me.

In my case, I think I was using Firefox on my laptop when it happened.

No, on my iPad :roll_eyes:

I have issues like that when I try and do it from a mobile device or iPad, Shanthi mentioned trying not to bid that way if I could help it until she figured out a solution.

I’ve refunded the extra bid amount.

And I think I’ve set it up to not allow outbidding yourself going forward.