I have lost my stable!

I have just tried to log in to my stable overview using a range of methods. All I can get is the following message

SELECT u.Name, u.StableName, u.TrackMiles AS Miles, td.Name AS Track, td.Location FROM ff_users u LEFT JOIN ff_trackdata td ON u.TrackID = td.ID WHERE u.ID = 1481

I have tried to use the bug system - it will let me log on but once i press post the page goes blank so I have no idea if it has recorded the issue.

Mine is doing that as well - probably sitewide

OK thanks - feel better now it’s not just me  8)

No. I can’t get in either. I was about to send an email to Shanthi when I realized I could still get into the Forum and saw your posts.

Well I got this far lol
Your stable is awaiting approval. You need to validate your e-mail before your stable will be approved.
Thank you for your interest in Final Furlong!

There are certain links that appear to be working OK, eg:-
Search Horses, Hall of Fame, Eclipse Awards, Boarding, Training Summary (sometimes), Stable Shipping

There are some that only partially working:-
Enter Races (seems to be working, except that it doesn’t give you any races to enter horses in.

I haven’t checked any other options but don’t know if any of this will be of help for Shanthi to figure out what went wrong.

Stop panicking :slight_smile:, I’m getting rid of some lingering errors on the site and the mass-update is causing more errors to pop up. As I fix them things will work more.

Clearly none of us can cope without FF!  :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m flattered. :wink:

Made the mistake of making “just a small change” (in almost every file, of course) right at the end of the work day. Sorry for worrying everyone, internet on the train is pretty spotty but now that I’m home I think I can tackle the rest of these errors.

No need to file bugs for now, I’m keeping an eye on the error logs to fix things.

Back on line - thanks Shanthi