I have aquestion about colour?

On the search horses there is a list of horse coat colours. I was curious if there is a possibility of creating a coat colour other than those shown on the list. Such as cremello or silver bay for example? If there is could I have the genetic variations to create a cremello foal? thanks. :slight_smile:

I believe the dilute modifications and more complex coats (such as cremello) are not currently coded into the system.

In real life you’ve got a 25% chance of getting a Cremello by breeding a Palomino, Buckskin, or Sooty Black horse to one of those same options.  Right now FF only has the “basic” colors (chestnut, black, bay, grey) plus some variations of those (dapple vs flea-bitten grey, liver chestnut, blood bay, etc).  It does not have any of the “pattern” or “color” type genes (so no Rabicano, Sabino, cremello, silver, etc).

Thanks for that clarification I really appreciate your opinions and advice. :slight_smile: