I hate stupid pet owners

I hit a dog today. :frowning: It was on the highway to Richmond, and I KNOW there’s no way he could’ve just wandered there on his own, which means he must’ve been transported somewhere near there and run away/gotten dropped off/whatever.

I tried to backtrack and see if I could find him (or her) and take him to a vet, but it was on a 10 mile or so stretch of no exits, so by the time I got back, he was nowhere to be found. I did call animal control, though, so hopefully they can find him and take care of him. I “only” clipped him, and he was on his feet when I looked in my rear-view mirror, but I have no idea if someone else nailed him, too.

Poor puppy. :frowning:

(And then, of course, there’s my one coworker, who said that he’d never think to call animal control, let alone actually take time to retrace the route to look for him. :roll: :shock: :frowning: :astonished: ) I mean, I did consider not going back to look for him and just calling animal control, but that’s mainly because I was late for work as it is, and I had a feeling that by the time I got back to where he was, he’d be gone.

I just hope that by “gone”, he made it to the trees by the side of the road (or better yet, someone else stopped and snagged him), and he didn’t get creamed by someone else going 70mph.

I had a Black Lab mix and some body hit her and left her in the road.Another car came along and hit her while she was laying in the road.She was still alive but by the time they called me it was to late to save her.If the the first person had been decent and did what you did and called me she might have survived.I still miss her after all these years and I well up every time I think of her.
How she got loose I still don’t know. I like animals more than I like people as I guess you can guess.

Yeah, I’m not sure how this dog got onto the highway…like I said, it was in the middle of a 5 or 6 mile stretch of no exits, including a bridge/overpass over another road, so I can’t imagine him wandering loose to the highway on his own.

The alternative, though, is that someone drove him someplace, opened the door, tossed him out, and drove away. :frowning:

I don’t think I hurt him TOO badly, because he was on his feet/glancing around when I looked in my rear-view mirror…but he still could’ve had a broken leg or something, for all I know. When I went back, I didn’t see him lying anywhere, so maybe he was lucky and got picked up/made it to the side of the road.

You know, Im really glad you tried to go back and help that dog.

I think everyone has one or two horrible dog stories and mine is one that involves a car as well. We had 2 border collies (still have the one) but they were great off leash to chase the ball (you are prolly thinking that this already sounds like irresponsible pet owners and yes in some ways). Anyway our neighborhood was/is quiet and my mom would always throw the ball on the sidewalk.

On this particular day she bent over to pick up the ball and Jack got a head start and ran into the street. He got hit by a car going so fast and right on he was killed right away. It was nice to know that he was not suffering. The guy didnt stop, he just kept on going.

My mom still beats her self up over it everyday b/c had she been watching she could have told this dog to “down” before he reached the street and he would have dropped to the ground. It all just happened too fast.

Anyway not that it would have helped to save my dog’s life, it would give peace of mind had the man stopped.

When I was in high school, we would go down to NC every winter to ride and compete, and there were always a bunch of strays around where we were. One year, my instructor was driving the 4-horse trailer loaded with horses, and he hit a stray as it was running across the road. There was no way he could have stopped with a trailer in back, but it was still so heartbreaking. I guess the best we can do is just to treat our animals as well as we possibly can. :cry:

Me too. Even though I didn’t end up finding (or possibly even helping) it, I would’ve hated myself for not going back. As it is, I suppose I risked getting reprimanded at work for showing up 45min late, but no one seemed to mind, which is good. (Even after I told them about the dog, rather than it being a “real” car accident.) Though I’d rather have self-respect and no job, I kinda doubt Magic and Caoilfhionn (my cat) would appreciate starving due to lack of paychecks. :wink:

Not that this will make you feel better, but Angela (my friend in HS who I rode with at 3 Fox and introduced me to Hollywood) flipped her mom’s Blazer to avoid hitting a dog. I like dogs, and I’m really sad when I see that’s been hit and I lost 2 dogs growing up to being hit by cars, but I’m glad you didn’t go to extremes trying to avoid hitting it. One of our cats survived getting hit just fine, so I’m sure he’s probably a bit confused and maybe sore, but if he could stand/get away, hopefully he’ll be alright.

Though it is sad to see dogs on the highway. :frowning:

Oh yeah Andrea, I totally agree. The life of a human is way more important and valuable than that of a dog or any animal.

I don’t know that I agree with that. :wink: However, I will agree that it makes more sense to try and avoid hitting an animal when possible, but not to the extent that you end up hitting another car and possibly injuring more people/animals.

Well depends on the person. lol :twisted:

I was driving today and there was a cat sitting on the side of the road, it was a black cat, and it was 5:00PM so of course no one could see it. I pulled into a driveway and just as I got out of the car so I could either see if it wa hurt or shoo it off the road it ran off. Stupid cat. :roll: