So, as many of you know, life has been a little bit of a wild ride these last few years.  I reconnected with my high school love (and his stepson, who was 5 at the time), fell in love, opted to do things a bit backwards to insure he had siblings before he became an angsty teenager (he had been begging us for siblings).  We had my daughter, Haven, then got pregnant with a second girl, all while planning a wedding for after.  Then my mom suddenly passed away, and I was the unlucky one to find her.  All plans came to a screeching halt.

Eventually, my second daughter was born, and she was named after my mother, Nola.  Baby Nola just turned 1, and has her grandmother’s lovely dark curls combined with her very own bright blue eyes.  Sister Haven is nearly 3 and full of spirit, sass, and kindness.  Big brother, Damian, is now 12, and is so incredibly sweet to his sisters.

This spring, the venue we had originally been considering (prior to my mother’s death) announced that they had a last minute cancellation for a Saturday in May.  I contacted them to find out more details and we ended up booking it.  I only found out later that it was also Mother’s Day weekend, a date in which my mother always got all of our relatives together to celebrate at her house.  I don’t think this was a coincidence.

And so, after only 2.5 months of planning, we had the most incredible, perfect day.  Everything was amazing - weather, location, food, guests…just everything.  I am over the moon.  I just wanted to share an update with my FF family.  Thank you for putting up with my crazy inactivity over these last couple of years.

We just got our video back from our photographer for anyone who wants to see:

Sounds really lovely and so glad it all came together so perfectly. Congratulations <3

By the way I love the name Nola, i’ve never heard it before but it is a really beautiful name.

Thank you!
She’s the only person I’ve met with the name, but after her funeral, people have come out of the woodwork stating that they know a person/are related to someone with that name.  It’s strange!

Congratulations Alyssa,

I’m glad to hear that the wedding plans worked out so well. Even though your mom wasn’t there in body, you can bet that she was involved in arranging everything (you know what moms and their daughters weddings are like!!!)


I don’t doubt that one bit!  Everything seemed to fall into place so easily and so perfectly.  I’m just sure she was up there pulling strings to make it happen.  :slight_smile:

Congratulations Alyssa. Wishing you and your new husband many happy years together

What a beautiful Wedding Video!  Congratulations on your wedding and here is to many years of Anniversaries.

Thank you both for the warm wishes!

Congratulations! Your wedding looks like it was so special and so much fun. :slight_smile: I’m sorry your mom wasn’t able to be there in body but she was there in spirit.

Beautiful, and good to see you! Congratulations  ^-^

Thank you to you both.  I definitely feel blessed that the day turned out so perfectly.