Hypothetical Mating - Mare Not Found

Description of Issue

I recently set my horse Spartan Devil as a broodmare, but I am unable to use the Hypothetical Mating because it says “The mare you submitted was not found!”. Her name does pop up when you start typing in the hypothetical mating, but I still receive the error message.


I am having this same issue with my mare, Dawn Treader. It does not matter if I type in her name manually, click it from the drop-down list, or if it is auto-filled when I access it from her Breeding page.

Edited to add: this mare is also a newly retired broodmare.

This is a very common problem with newly retired mares. Mine seem to have sorted themselves out after a while.

I have the same issue with newly retired broodies. I think the script has to catch up :blush:

Bumping this up, as it’s still an issue (and it will say Stallion Not Found if the horse entered stud in the last year).