Just stopping by to say howdy. :slight_smile:

I’ve been stalking this game idly for about a month now, pondering joining. Not sure if I really had the time for another game… But then… Well, I had to join. And the waiting list of this one was convenient (zomg, it’ll allow me to join outside of midterm season!).

Well. Um… About me… I’m… not quite twenty… I don’t own any horses… I’m a student at university… I’m a codemonkey… And… I have zero talent at these intro topics and a loathing for calculus. My knowledge of horse racing is horribly, horribly limited (I know more about Standardbred racing, but even then)… So if I ask a lot of stupid questions, I’m sorry in advance. :stuck_out_tongue:

Erm, well, that should do it. Yep. Well, I joined a few days ago but because I’m so cool (read: cowardly, rofl) it’s taken me 'til now to say hi. Lovely community around here!

I’m quite looking forward to being part of this game and playing alongside all of you, it looks excellent!  :smiley:

Welcome to the game. :slight_smile:  Questions are welcomed, and only annoying if they’re already in the FAQ.  :wink:  (Which still needs expanding, so questions not included in it are very welcome.)

Welcome to Final Furlong! Good luck!

Don’t worry. I had no idea what a furlong was before I joined this game.  ::) I’ve learned quite a lot!

It’s all good fun. I’m sure your stable will be up and running in no time, since you posted on the forum. Good luck to you and your ponies!

Good luck to everyone too! I’m new as well.  :smiley: