How'd You Do? 2022

Not too bad! All my top choices quickly went out of price range but still collected a few I had noted. In all, spent 30k for 5 horses.

[color=red]Christmas Past, weanling by NCh. Howarts (B) out of Mountain Air (B). Likely a late bloomer, as her dam didn’t race until 3 and her sire hit his best at 4. Half to Ch. Breathtaking View, and dam is half to NCh. Silver Wizard, Ch. A.P. Silver Stars, Ch. Wingsonmyhooves, and gold-ranked Cool Breeze. Bought for 1k.

[color=blue]Duckwater, weanling by WCh. Sponsored out of Sea Acoral Image (S). I liked the Nightfight/Seabiscuit combo. Half to MSW Ch. Sea Acoral Starz. Bought for 1k.

[color=blue]Fightinthestreets, weanling by NCh. Space Chips out of Mason Dixon Line (S). Half to G1W Ch. Storm Cloud out of a SW/MSP mare. I usually have good luck with horses out of created mares, and with Nightfight turning into an excellent broodmare sire I have similar hope for his sons at stud. Most expensive at $25,500.

[color=red]Reckoning, weanling by ICh. To Die For (B) out of Strategic (B). Dam was never worse than 4th at 2, and has produced 50% winners including a SP despite almost all her racing foals being FF owned or inactive for the past year. Dam is half to platinum mares GCh. Keep the Kitty and GCh. Firefoot. Bought for 1k.

[color=red]Storm Veil, yearling by GCh. Simply Heroic (B) out of Storm Fan (S). I quickly lost out on her weanling half-sister, but hoping this girl makes up for it! Dam was a G1 winner, set a speed record, and was MSP. Half to MSW Ch. Good Hillside and SP Simple Frost. Her 2 unplaced foals are both FF owned with just 1 start each at age 4 and 6, so I consider them toss-outs. Bought for $1,500.

Didn’t even realize I had purchased mostly weanlings until this post.

Didn’t get many of my first picks, but I’ve been so busy recently I didn’t put much effort in fighting for them anyway. Still, I’m happy with what I did get. Got all colts this round since we seemed to have a filly spree this year. All 5 were 1k each.

[color=blue]Biosphere, black weanling by NCh. Highland Burning (S) x Ch. Anaton Park (B) - Created. Most siblings are winners despite being owned by FF, and his dam is MSW/SP, so he should, theoretically, be a solid runner.

[color=blue]Follow the Stars, chestnut weanling by NCh. Carrowmore (S) x Starview (S) - NCh. Sneak Peek (S). He’s half to SW Ch. Lucky View, who I bought back in August, and SP Magician’s Sleeve. Dam was SW/SP at 3, and sire also didn’t really come into his own at 3, so I don’t expect he’ll really find his feet till about the same age.

[color=blue]Irish Drover, dark bay yearling by NCh. Irish Gold (S) x Driven (B) - GCh. Worth My While (G). Of 3 racing siblings, one is a winner, one is a multi winner, and the 2YO sib. is unplaced. Bit of a toss-up on how this boy will run, but hopefully with a little love and training he’ll do his bloodline proud.

[color=blue]Occasional Journey, bay yearling by NCh. Formal Occasion (S) x Rainbow Road (B) - Cross Roads (S). Half to multi-winners Ch. Almost Famous and Ch. Free Play. Formal Occasion seems to produce solid runners, and I’ve been intrigued by him since I got my hands on MSW/SP Ch. Wry Hope, a 2YO son of Formal Occasion, so I’ll be interested to see how this little guy runs.

[color=blue]River Kingdom, chestnut yearling by Animal Kingdom (S) x Ch. Rosie’s River (B) - Ch. Irish River (S). This one was definitely a gamble. Animal Kingdom IRL was a solid dirt runner, and seems to be a reliable sire in game. Rosie’s River was never run on the flat, but she won 7 of 20 races in SC. Largely unproven line, so it’ll be interesting to see how he performs.

Missed out on one of my top four picks but got the other three and an afterthought, for $1000 each.

[color=red]Madameoiselle (Candidate x Ch Chevalerie (Chivalry)). Yearling. First foal for SW, MSP dam who’s half to FFCh I’m No Fool.

[color=red]Cattitude (Lucky Streak x Kimo Cat (Storm Cat)). Yearling. Her pedigree doesn’t look much at first glance but I already have her two eldest half-siblings in the broodmare band. One is gold-ranked and the other a solid silver. I like her sire too.

[color=red]Lady of Hay (Long Live The King x Ch Have A Hayday (What’s It Worth)). Weanling. I love her sire and although her dam hasn’t produced much to date, she’s fantastically bred being a MSW half-sister to ICh Little Miss, NCh Gone Haywire, GCh Little Lass & GCh My Lucky Day. There have been 3 runners to date bred on the same sire-broodmare sire cross and all are stakes level racers so I’m hopeful this one will have some talent.

[color=red]Wild Moon (Moonopoly x NCh Devilish Lass (Highland Bandit)). Weanling. I have her 2yo half-sister at home and thought she was worth a shot at the price.

Total spend of $4000 :slight_smile:

Looks like I’m done! My purchase from two years ago, [color=blue]Like Whatever, is now retired, having scored only one win as a 2yo and none as a 3yo. But he did make some profit for us. Of my 2021 purchases, [color=red]Apophis is now a winner, two others are sold and [color=blue]Zest For Blue is now a yearling, still at Clicker Lab.

Near the end of this racing season I realised that I have mostly fillies in my racing barn, so decided to focus on colts. I bought one yearling:

[color=blue]Tanakh - by Blame, out of Bathsheba (G). Tanakh is another name for the Hebrew Bible, which is the only source of information about Solomon’s Temple, constructed by a son of Bathsheba. That was a long search for a suitable name :wink:
Price: $20,500.

First weanling I bought is [color=blue]Xaspian by Frankel, out of Ch. Red E Lil Chikadee (B). Named after my friend’s nickname in another game… I hope he doesn’t mind :stuck_out_tongue:
Price: $1,000.

And I bought [color=blue]Equilibrium by ICh. First Born Son (S) out of Ch. Lastthingonmylist (S).
Price: $51,000.

I focused on weanlings this year since I have no homebreds born this year. I picked up all of them for $1k, and I’m hoping I get some nice runners out this group.

[color=red]Hela-bay NCh. Carrowmore (S) x Queen’s Champion (S)-Black Knight (G). She’s half to GCh. Guiding Light and Ch. Queen’s Twister. Her dam is unraced, but her best foals look like they were turf/SC routers, which should match well with Carrowmore’s track preferences. This girl should have a ton of stamina. She’s named for the Norse goddess of death/the character from the latest Thor movie.

[color=blue]Loch Craobh- chestnut NCh. Carrowmore (S) x Killer Chance (S)- NCh. Killing Time (B). He’s half to Ch. Bellagio Chance and Ch. Contract Killer. His dam is out of the gold rated American Chance, so is a half to NCh. Diplomat, NCh. Higher Agenda, Ch. Home Fries, Ch. Chance for Slew, Ch. American Graffiti, and Ch. Continental. Quite a catalog page there!

[color=red]Minerva McGonagall -black NCh. Highland Burning (S) x Ch. What A Witch (B)- What’s It Worth (S). Couldn’t resist the name given her pedigree! She’s half to Ch. Fai D Flowright and her dam is half to GCh. Must Be Magic. Both her sire and dam preferred dirt, and she’ll probably like middle distances given their preferences.

[color=blue]Prairie Merlin-chestnut NCh. Lasting Spirit (S) x Ch. Cherokee Falcon (S)-Created. He’s named for a subspecies of Merlin (a small falcon species) and he’s half to Ch. Astoria. He should be a speedy guy over the jumps given his sire’s Chef de Race ratings.

[color=red]SongoftheLioness-chestnut NCh. Simply Heroic (B) x GCh. Plymouth Rock (S)-Created. She’s named after one of my favorite book series as a kid by Tamora Pierce. She’s half to Ch. Eternal Rock and her dam has two speed records.