How To Claim

To claim, you must be logged in. Go to the Post Parade, and claiming will show up as a button for any races that have horses that you don’t own and can afford the claiming fee for.

Remember, you may only claim 1 horse per day. There is NO way to “take back” your claim…there IS a confirmation page, so I don’t want to hear any “I accidentally clicked the wrong thing and claimed this horse when I wanted to claim this other horse!” complaints from anyone.

You will be charged the claiming fee if you get the horse, so make sure you can afford it! If you have a negative balance you can’t enter races or breed horses or buy horses until you get out of debt, so I’d avoid it if at all possible.

There is a new policy for entering claiming races as well…just like the selling rule (where you must keep the horse for a minimum of 6 months or 3 uses), entering into a claiming race counts as putting your horse up for sale…so you will not be allowed to do this until/unless you are allowed to sell the horse normally. You may enter claiming races after you have run the horse twice, as the 3rd race can count as the claiming race itself.

Claiming buttons do not show up if:

  1. You are not logged in
  2. You have already submitted a claim for that day
  3. Entries have closed

If an owner puts a horse into a claiming race and a claim is put in can the owner scratch the horse?I put a claim for race #6-12/31 and the horse is no longer there and the race has yet to be run.
Mat :?

Yes, the owner may scratch the horse for any reason, at any time. Your claim is deleted if/when the horse is scratched.

Thanks for the answer.I’m was not so interested in the horse as the knowledge.Being able to scratch out of a claiming race opens up more possibilities.

Who ‘wins’ the claim? I’m aware that multile people will claim a horse. Who is chosen to own the horse etc, or is it random?

complete random chance.  Makes it fair for everyone.  =)

Oh! I didn’t know that.  :wink:

I noticed that FF runs right close to real life raceing. So when an owner( in Canada)puts a horse in claiming races thaey not only get the claim price they get the winnings(if any) of the horse running. I noticed here that I do not get the winnings. My noticed that today also and asked me about it. Is this a glitch or the way it happens in FF. I looked and have seen nothing about it. Just the money coming off for the claim. Or the previous owner getting the claim money. There is nothing about the winnings.Thanks!!  :slight_smile:

I think in FF the old owner receives any prize money won.

The previous owner gets the winnings from the race, otherwise there would be no incentive to race in them. :wink:

Thanks! My son said when he looked today the winnings were there! So everyone is happy and things are cleared up! :slight_smile:

If  your claim is successful …is it immediate after the race…or is there a bit of a wait…like a few days

Im not sure if my claim was succsessful on Jan 10.

Don’t want to do anything until I know for sure.



If your claim is successful, it is processed when the post-race script runs.  (Which is after all the day’s races are complete, unless the code has a meltdown.)

Thx for info

So if  she’s not in my stable probably …claim was unsuccessful


Yes, there is no notification for unsuccessful claims.