How to breed horses

Hello! What steps do I need take to breed my broodmare to a stallion?

Thank you, Emma 

Breeding season runs from January to July. If you already have a broodmare that’s not been bred you could breed her on January 1st if you wanted - there’ll be a ‘breed this mare’ button on her page which will allow you to select a stallion (some you have to wait for owner approval to breed, some you can breed straight away). You’ll see a selection of dates the stallion has available to choose from. Some stallion owners take pre-bookings and post a thread on availability for their stallions in the Breeding section of the forum or you could try PMing the stallion owner directly to see if you can book in advance ( can be useful if you have a mare already in goal and want a slot later in the year). There’s more info on breeding dates in the FAQ section (link should be at the top of this page with the link to the home page , ‘Your Stable’ etc. Feel free to PM me if you’d like some more help