How do you make a Horse's name link to their page

I’ve seen this done and it’s brill. But I can’t make it work, it always comes up with the hyperlink actually written in the post, sometimes with the name after it.

Help guys

In the forum?

(url=link to horse’s name here)Text you want to turn into a hyper link (/url)

Of course, replace the parenthesis ( ) with square brackets [

The easier, way however, is when you post there’s a button in the second row, second from the left that you can click on that will give you the code. 

I’ve tried following these instructions but can’t seem to get it to work without the whole link showing. Any tips on where I might be going wrong?

Maybe try quoting a post which has a link in it so you can see how it works? Remember to change the URL to be relevant to your horse though.


After months of trying I’ve finally cracked it! Thanks guys :slight_smile: