Horses not entered for tomorrows races

Auto entered horses not entered

I used auto entry for 4 horses for tomorrow’s races (5 june) see screen clip


None of them are actually entered this is one of them they are all the same and my stable page does not show any horses entered for either the 5th or the 8th


I don’t seem to have much luck with auto entries :slightly_frowning_face:

There’s a fault with auto entries that Shanthi is looking into, horses need to be entered manually for the time being.

See Auto-Entries

I haven’t been online much the last week or so (hence the auto entries :slightly_smiling_face:) Just been paying flying visits. Thanks for the heads up!

That’s a shame you’ve missed out on tomorrow’s entries. I’ve found using the future entries page useful as a prompt to manually enter - at least it’s fairly easy to see who’s meant to be going where.

Now that’s a good idea, should have thought of that myself. Comes of getting old I guess :grin:

I think the auto entry script is fixed now. We’ll see on Monday when it runs automatically rather than me running manually today (as if it were yesterday).

@Shanthi I’m guessing you’re already aware, but my horses still aren’t shipping to the track with auto-entries (and thus are not getting entered). I saw that you said it would hopefully be fixed last week and wanted to make sure. Thank you!

@ivycreekfarm can you ping me when you’ve got horses that are set for shipping + auto-entry? I can look at the logs when it tries to process them and see what’s going on.