Horses not able to enter in Auction

I am trying to set up an auction of broodmares and racehorses in an attempt to reduce the size of my stable but there are two broodmares that I’m trying to consign that aren’t showing up in the drop-down list.

In my Imagination (View Horse: In my Imagination)
Lasting Dove (View Horse: Lasting Dove)

Both mares had been listed for sale, however, I removed their listing before trying to consign them.

I had a number of other mares that had been listed for sale but whose listing I’d removed before consigning them and I was successfully able to consign them, so don’t know what is different about these two why I can’t consign them. I even tried relisting them and removing their listings again but still couldn’t consign them to the auction.

Should be fixed now - the game couldn’t tell when you bought them, so couldn’t figure out if you could sell them.

Interesting. I looked through my records and I can’t find exactly when I bought them either. I switched both horses to Broodmare earlier this year (right after my previous auction in August).

I have In My Imagination listed among my weanlings in 2023, so she must have been bought in the FF Weanling and Yearling Auction in 2023.

Lasting Dove had her first race for us in April 2024 as a 2YO but I can’t find anything before that for her as to when I bought her. I can’t find any listing of my weanlings in 2022 so don’t know whether I bought her in 2022, 2023 or 2024, but it would have to have been one of those years.

Not much help but it does narrow their purchase dates down a little.