Horses For Sale!

I’ve come to realize my stable is a little full and I don’t have the time to actively race all my ponies so I’m doing a little barn cleaning to get down to a more manageable number.  I have 8 listed for sale right now, they are:

NCh. My Style 
GCh. Evergreen
GCh. Rainbow Connection
Admire Me
Ch. Medieval Time
Ch. Day Trick
Gilded Star
Diligent Trick

The prices I have up are not firm, I will entertain any and all offers, especially for new players, just send me a message.

Hello! My name is Lucretia and I’m BRAND new to this website. So can you please help me to get organize with this website so I could understand and know how to do this. Thank you :slight_smile:

Try reading the FAQ and the Newbie Guide. Otherwise there are plenty of helpful threads here on the forum.

i’m looking to buy a filly, if you have any i’d be happy to look at them

FYI, look at the date of this post.  All horses are most likely gone.

Those horses are all gone, and I dont have any fillies for sale.