Horse "really isn't interested in running."

One of my ponies keeps getting the jockey comment stating that she “really isn’t interested in running.” What does this mean?

Here’s a bit more info:
-her jockey knows her “like the back of (his) hand” and has for over a year (32 comments)
-she’s only 3YO - she never finished below 2nd place as a 2YO
-she “loves her equipment” (35 comments)
-she and her jockey “get along great” (33 comments)
-jockey has told me she isn’t interested in running 6X since March of this year, but never before then
-she is A/A for fitness & energy

While investigating this, I noticed that she hasn’t been back to the farm or to a boarding farm in over a year (which is weird - I sent my entire stable at the same time at the end of the year - I don’t know how I missed her!), so she’s now headed back to the farm for a good month or so.

Just curious - has anyone seen this before? Is it a result of very, very low natural energy (no boarding/farm time) and will it fix after enough rest? Or does she just not enjoy racing anymore? Would hurdles potentially interest her in running again? If she has truly lost interest - is this hereditary at all?

I typically see it when horses haven’t been back to the farm in several months. I’ve always seen it as “burnout” and a month or two back home perks them right back up. I’d say if she actually starts bombing in races, then she’s done racing but a comment like that usually just means “need a break.”

She hasn’t been in the money yet this year in 3 starts, but last year had a record of 3 starts: 2-1-0-0
I’m hoping it’s just from not going home. I guess I’ll wait and see what the month+ back at home does for her and go from there.

That one’s a clear sign of low NE. I usually see that one shortly before the “lackluster” comment, which generally appears right before the horse tears the jockey’s pants off. Lol. Every horse I’ve rehabilitated from tanking NE has bounced back with a month or so of farm time and a few weeks of training.

Thank you! That really helps.
I searched the forum and didn’t see anything mentioned about it, but thought new players might run into it, too, and need to know. I thought it was worth a forum post. I still don’t know why I haven’t seen this comment before. I’ve definitely seen my fair share of “lackluster” comments and even a couple torn jockey pants. Now I know!

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