Horse question

i was wondering

if anyone would know howcome every time my horse gets her feet done she is always sore for at

least 4 days after it. it is always in her hip, and her back legs and she hates to put any

kind of weight on it at all. any suggestions why this might be???

Horses are usually sore for a

couple of days post-shoeing as they get used to their feet being a different shape and the

weight/shape of the shoe being different than the old ones.

However, 4 days + hip pain

sounds a bit unusual, so I’d recommend asking your vet about it. It might be something

physiological that’s getting aggravated by the shoeing process/new shoes.

oh she doesnt get shoes she

only has her feet checked/ trimmed on as she was out in a paddock for 5 years and never

broken in, and she also has a heart mumor and cant be given hard work so we decided to just

give her a good home and not ride her.

Sounds like she may either

have a back problem, or she’s got a loose stifle.

Actualy, it could be how your

farrier works with her too. I know that my colt got trimmed just recently and the way the

farrier had to hold his leg made him a bit sore around the hip region. Try having another

farrier come out once and trim her and see if it happens again. Though you farrier might be a

good farrier he might be unintentionaly doing something to cause your mare pain.
The lose

stifle idea is good but Im guessing this mare runs and plays in her pasture, and if she had a

loose stifle that was aggrivated by being trimmed then you’d see it happen after a really

good buck while she was playing too. Same with back problems.
Of course, if it doesnt go

away even with a different farrier then you do need to call your vet and ask their