Horse not entered in upcoming race

Horse not entered in upcoming race

I did a future entry for HereWeGo (52972) on 3/6 for race #26 in Aqueduct - 7.5f Maiden for 3yo (Turf) however he wasn’t automatically entered. No big deal but when I go to his page to enter him manually into the race I’m not able to. It shows he has a scheduled race however also shows he is not entered in a next race.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Login

  2. Navigate to view Racehorse HereWeGo (52972) page

  3. Click on Upcoming Races button

Does it work if you go to the race and enter him manually? I’ve had races not show up on the upcoming races page before, but I can still enter them manually on the race entries page.

The race I want to enter him in doesn’t appear on the list of races he can enter on the manual screen. Actually no races appear for 3/6 for him as if he’s already entered. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? Thanks all!

So if you go to the race page like the screenshot he doesn’t show up under the drop down menu?

Unfortunately no (but I learned something new! I didn’t know I could end races this way Thanks so much!!)

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I’m still having issues getting this particular horse entered into a race… I’m at a loss as to what to do.
I’m guessing the race below was full after the auto entries ran as I was never able to manually enter him for March 17th. Going forward I’m having problems with him being entered into a phantom race of sorts blocking him from future entries.


The buttons that do actually show up for races only allow me to see other horses of mine that are entered in those races. If I click one of the races that shows “Go”, I’ll end up with the message that he’s already entered in a race for that day (regardless of what day/race I chose)


When I try to enter him in any upcoming races it shows that he doesn’t qualify. Although he’s currently in Aqueduct and should be able to be entered into the maiden race for 3 yos.


If I go to the race entries page and try to enter him I get 1 of 2 things happen. Either I get the above message that he’s already entered in a race that day (obviously not true) or he simply doesn’t even appear in the drop down menu for available horses to enter. He is the only horse I am having this issue with. I have a 2 yo that I was able to do a future entry for an upcoming maiden race with no issues.

@Shanthi Unfortunately I’m still having issues entering this particular horse into any races. I was eventually able to get him into his first race however now its back to not letting me. I wanted to enter him into the maiden race in Aqueduct on May 1st, but he wasn’t auto entered and now he doesn’t even show up as eligible even though he is. Thanks!

Should be fixed now.

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Thank you! He was successfully entered into a race :grin:

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