Horse Info page


When you click on a horse and it brings up their information, it shows a graphic of the horse on the right hand side. That’s fine, but doesn’t really benefit us in any way. We can figure out what the horse looks like, markings, etc., from the description and, at least as far as I am concerned, I’m not really interested in that.

If we click on “View Races”, it then replaces the graphic with a table showing the horses career record.

Would it be possible to change that section so that when it brings up the horses information page, it automatically brings up the table, which, in my opinion, is of infinitely more interest and much more important than seeing the horses markings?

You could then add a button “See horse markings” which would bring up a pop-up window with the graphic of the horse for anybody who might like to see it.

Just an observation and not something that needs to be done immediately. Maybe something you could work on in your “spare time” (“Spare Time, what’s that?” Shanthi asks, hysterically LOL ).

I kinda like seeing the graphic of the horse. It puts " a face to the name" so to speak.

Just an FYI, Shanthi’s been crazy busy and will be crazy busy for the near future (new job, horse hunting, roommate shopping, etc.).  It’s quite understandable why we haven’t really been seeing her post responses to these sorts of requests, which is something she normally does.

So, in order to be sensitive to her real life conditions, could we put a hold on asking for new features for a little bit?  When she does come back (in terms of being able to put time into improving FF), the sheer number of requests/suggestions might be a little over whelming (there’s been a lot just these past couple weeks). 

Keep on thinking about 'em, write 'em down on pieces of notebook paper, but please hold off on posting them for a little bit.

Thank you!

I agree with Steve. lol
Thats how I always buy babies and unraced/created is on their lines and looks (esp. if they are created) lol. So I love the pics. Thats one of the many things that sets this game apart visually in my opinion. Maybe it could be an option just like your page skin, how you see horses or something.

Yah, I personally love the graphics. It’s not that hard to click “view races”.

Once I get time to add this, it will probably consist of:

  • Default option in your preference (i.e. you can keep the current setup or use the new default page with a “View Pic” button somewhere).

New (optional) default pages would be:
Racehorses: Race record
Stallions/Broodmares: Foal List (possibly default to Breeding page for owners during breeding season?)
Babies: Picture
Retired: Race record/foal list (depending on whether they had babies)