Horse entered, but didn't run?

I had [color=red]Ch. Date With Destiny entered in the Gr. 1 Dream Skipper Breeders’ Stakes for today, but now that the results are up, she’s not even on the list of horses that ran?  Just wondering what might’ve happened, as I didn’t think the race required nominations, or anything like that?  

Edited to add: I didn’t try to scratch her, and I don’t believe the entry fee has been refunded either. 

I think thats a Breeders Series race. She would have been pulled from the race unless she was qualified to run in the Breeders Stakes races I do believe. And no refund would have been given.

The Breeders’ Series races require both nomination (from the breeding stable every year) and qualification (the top nominated horses who get to run). Your horse wasn’t nominated.

Ohh, gotcha.  I was wondering, as she ran in the Townsend Prince Breeders’ Stakes last year, and I didn’t remember nominating her for that one.  Thank you!