Horse Energy Not Improving

On 11/16, I claimed Abrupt Regret from Final Furlong. Went to enter him in a race for Wednesday and it says his energy is still F. All my other horses have much higher energy scores after a month of no racing. Is this normal for his energy to still be at F?

So, I’m having this same issue with my horse Pepper Road, and as I don’t remember if I ever got a response on it, thought I’d revive this thread. I raced Pepper Road (6YO) on Aug. 1. Have been wanting to try him in another race but it still says he has an F energy. Granted, he has been on a training schedule, but all my horses are, and he’s the only one who still has tanked energy after a month and a half since last racing. Does anyone else experience this issue? Trying to get a sense of whether this is a bug or just a problem with my management style.

Looks like he is regaining energy, he’s just one of the slower ones (and I think he was below 0 from his last race so had extra to regain).

Ahh, good to know. Thank you for looking into it for me. I so rarely experience this issue that I didn’t realize they could recover so slowly.