Hooray you're back!

Thought you had gone forever after almost a week! I hadn’t quite realised how regular a part of my life this game has become until I Thought time to enter races, time to see how they ran, time to sort out next years broodmares…
Glad it’s all back and only saturdays races lost :blush::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::grin:


Just found Saturday’s races - :blush::grin:

It was a frustrating few days while the server threw many hissy fits. :roll_eyes: I’m glad it’s finally beginning to recover!


YAY, @Shanthi! Super glad things are back to normal. Here’s hoping the server behaves itself from here on out.

So glad you were able to get it figured out! Final Furlong is most definitely my addiction of choice and I was worried it wasn’t coming back. You’re amazing, Shanthi! Thanks for keeping this wonderful game alive!

Thank you Shanthi!! I hope getting FF back up and running didn’t hinder any holiday obligations. My withdrawals were real and I’m sad I missed a few BS races, but I’m just happy to see the site return.

Here’s hoping the server cooperates and nothing breaks when the foals begin. :sweat_smile:

Sadly, it looks like the game is again inaccessible to me. Only just now got the forums back. Anyone else still having trouble?

It will depend on what server your ISP is hitting. Until all the servers know about the new setup, accessing the site will be sporadic. (Should be done in 24-48 hours from yesterday sometime.)

Yeah I occasionally have issues but can get on sporadically ! But looks like @Shanthi as been Wonder Woman again and fixed it!

Sadness… Ok. Well, I guess I’ll just have to be patient.

One silver lining to all of this is that it’s allowed me to renew FF’s domain until 2029. :slight_smile: So it’s not going anywhere (assuming the internet can find where it is…).

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I also thought you’d gone forever :frowning:.

So glad you’re all back!

I got it back for about 10 minutes today, and I haven’t lost the forum all day, so there’s a start. :sweat_smile:

I’m so glad Final Furlong is back up and running! I was honestly worried it wasn’t coming back. I’ll be sending a donation your way soon. Thank you for everything you do for this game Shanthi!

Yeah the site has been hit or miss for me for the past few days. Keep up the great work Shanthi! I know we have a small-ish group, but really love playing FF in my spare time :heart:

I was able to access when we were at relatives’ home yesterday via 3G on my cellphone. Haven’t been able to access via home wi-fi or mobile 3G today until now. I’m not sure if that’s because I fiddled with the DSN settings on my phone today/whether the website’s been down again and I just happened to catch it behaving itself.

Thank you Shanthi for doing all you can to resolve things.

Edited to add: tried the site again on my phone with wi-fi and not working so I assume, for me at least, the issue is with my internet provider.

It’s been pretty sporadic. It sometimes works on my phone but not my laptop, and vice-versa, with both on the same wifi.

I think the 12/25 races were supposed to run today and haven’t yet. The main page says races will run in -2 days :joy:.

same for me, its sporadic when I can get on, whether I access it from a computer or mobile.

@Shelbie I wonder if Shanthi has to run them manually since they aren’t running on a ‘scheduled’ day.

This is correct, I’ve just finished doing that.

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Oh, I’m back again! Let’s see for how long! :sweat_smile: I hope it works now because apparently I need the Final Furlong routine in order to do my other computerwork afterwards :wink:

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