Holy costume party, Batman!

Hello all!

I rarely post but I’m soo excited at this point I thought I’d share!  My daughter is 3, and she wanted to be a “Castle Crasher” (Xbox Live Arcade Game) for Halloween, so I entered her in the maker’s annual Halloween Costume/Pumpkin Contest and she was one of the winners!

All the winners are located here: http://devblog.thebehemoth.com/?p=1970#more-1970 she is the Pink Knight!

Oh, is that her with the little chicken bucket? How cute! Congrats on winning. :slight_smile:

So cute!! She looks very happy  :wink:

That’s so great. :slight_smile:

Thanks! Yeah that’s her with the Chicken Bucket.  She was so excited to wear the whole costume, and she would laugh and say, “NO, I Castle Crasher!” to correct people who thought she was the Queen of Hearts.  It was too cute.  I knew a lot of people wouldn’t know who she was, but they had pretty good guesses.