Highland Bandit Retired

After several months of struggling with rehabbing a stifle injury incurred in the pasture, Stillwater Farms has decided to retire Highland Bandit from breeding duties. The 14-year old stallion’s sired 10 crops of foals including 13 MSWs.

Sadface.  I’m so sorry to hear that.  Here’s wishing him a long and relaxing retirement.

Sorry to hear that, I need to remember to remove him from my prospective list

Sorry to hear that

That leaves only 3 Rogue sons at stud
[color=blue]Highland Laird 1998
[color=blue]Highland Magic 2002
[color=blue]Strider 2005

Laird must be near retirement,  and Magic is only one year younger than Bandit.
Scary when you consider Rogue is one of the most widespred and influential base Sires this game has.

Sorry to hear that! Bandit was a great stud.  Here’s to moving forward and never forgetting. He has placed his mark on FF.

Thanks all. If anyone had plans to send a mare to him, you’re welcome to send them to another of our studs free of charge.

I need to check my list I think I had a mare for him in July ,all my foals are now due in June & July