Hidden Oak Foals 2026

Didn’t catch these guys on time due to travel, but here they are!

NCh. LiveLong&Prosper (B) x Sahha - ICh. Alley Cat (S)
8.3h dark grey filly

1/2 sister to FlightofthePhoenix, Black Onyx
Her oldest brother was MSP last season, and Black Onyx has been running decently, so I’m excited about this filly. Was surprised the name wasn’t taken.

NCh. Ducati (B) x Gilded Halo - ICh. Gilded Saint
10h black filly

1/2 sister to MGM Grand.
Big black filly out of a SP mare. Named after a spell in D&D.

NCh. Pay the Boatman (B) x Love Smitten - ICh. Devil His Due
8.2h bay colt

1/2 brother to Break the Oath, Crazy In Love, Kitten
Dam has two winners of three racers, and Kitten had a great year in SC in 2025. Not so sure about his name, though.

NCh. Franco Classico x Take A Bow - ICh. Take Me Away
8.1h dark bay filly
First foal for this mare.

1 colt, 3 fillies, 67 left to foal.


Love the names!

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NCh. Palermo x Notos (P) - Created
9h mahogany bay filly

1/2 sister to NCh. Aria, Ch. Knockout, Oiseaunotos

Healthy half-sister to BC winner NCh. Aria. Not sure what to expect from this matchup, but I was looking forward to this one and I’m glad she’s a filly, since her dam is getting older and is our only Platinum mare.
“Notos” is the Greco-Roman god of the south wind, said to cause late summer storms, and a “derecho” (pronounced de-ray-ko) is a straight-line windstorm that involves a system of thunderstorms and can cause widespread damage. It’s also Spanish for “straight ahead” or “direct.” We had one of these hit us two summers ago, and you can still see the damages when driving through the area.

1 Colt | 4 Fillies | 66 left to foal


NCh. Gang of Thieves (B) x Bazyli - Point Given (S)
8.2h dapple grey colt

1/2 brother to Stillwatersrundeep

Ch. Final Scene x Slew O’Miracles - NCh. Slew O’Scots (S)
9.3h strawberry roan filly

First live foal for this stakes-placed mare, who lost her '23 filly by Unabridged.

2 Colts | 5 Fillies | 64 left to foal


Congrats on the healthy Final Scene filly! Hope she really does work some miracles for you. Also love the D&D reference with Thieves’ Cant. It’s a great name. :wink:

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Lovely names! I especially love Derecho and Foresight - and lovely to see some healthy babies from Ducati and Franco Classico. I hope they run well for you in future!

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I had a bunch due in the first week of January, but a lot of them seem to be holding onto their foals…

ICh. First Born Son (S) x Runaway Scout - GCh. Harvard Bound (B)
9.3h liver chestnut filly

Was really surprised this name wasn’t taken!

2 Colts | 6 Fillies | 63 left to foal


Love the name! Definitely surprised it wasn’t taken yet.

Finally! This one was due two weeks ago!

NCh. Painted Raven (B) x Crimson Bouquet - GCh. One Lucky Soul
8.3h dark bay filly

First foal for this mare, who was underraced but showed some potential.


Finally, some colts to balance things out.

NCh. Allinvain (B) x Proxima Centauri - GCh. Starzen (B)
7.3h mahogany bay colt
Very tiny 1/2 brother to Stellar Appeal. Here’s hoping he grows some!

NCh. Tir Na Nog x Prospect Lake - NCh. Mr. Prospective
9h dark bay colt
First foal for this underraced SW-SP mare by Mr. Prospective, who placed in the G1 Spinaway at 2. Really looking forward to seeing what he does, especially in his 2-year-old season.

4 Colts | 7 Fillies | 60 left to foal


Love the name Star Cursed.

Awesome names, but especially love Phantasmal!

Lovely foals!

side note: Happy Birthday @Firefly! I just noticed the little cake icon by your name :birthday: :cupcake: :tada:


Aww, thanks! :blush:

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Happy birthday.

I never realized that that was what the icon signified.

I honestly didn’t either. Lol. Thank you for the birthday wishes!

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Belated happy birthday :partying_face:

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Happy birthday Firefly!

Lovely foals, Madison, great names!

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Thank you! :slight_smile:
And happy birthday Firefly!

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First loss of the year. :slightly_frowning_face:

GCh. Dark Debate x Twinkle Twinkle - GCh. Dixie Time
9.3h bay filly
Unfortunately this was a difficult foaling, and Twinkle Twinkle passed away after complications. This filly, her first foal, is safe and healthy.

NCh. In The Navy (S) x Astrophysics - Created
9.3h black colt
Named after the now-defunct Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico.

5 Colts | 8 Fillies | 58 left to foal