I haven’t gotten my validation email, and I check my spam and everything.

Help? lol!

Hi Ella glad to see you got here… will be no time at all for that email! Welcome to FF!

Thanks :slight_smile:


Welcome to the game :slight_smile:

Welcome to the game! I’ve manually validated your e-mail address. :slight_smile:

Yayy! I cant wait to get started :slight_smile: and thanks guys!

Welcome to the game and good luck.

Things may seem a little frustrating at the start but with a little perseverance and a lot of patience, things will work out.

Don’t rush into buying horses because their overall record looks great (like I did when I first started). Check their recent record (within the past 12 months), look at their SF’s in their last few races, also their time figures for their last few races (go to their race record, select this years races and look at the first time splits for their last few races). If these are in the 20’s or low 30’s (even if they finished out of the first 3, they might be worth considering. If they are averaging in the 40’s or above, crops them off your list and look elsewhere.

That’s a curious method, Lewis.  I’ve never really paid attention to the first fractional times, but will definitely try to be more aware of it.  However, for Ella and all newbies, I wouldn’t advise against ruling out horses based on the fractional times unless they are mature (late 3YO and up).  2YOs and even early 3YOs with little experience often take a few starts to sort things out, so if you can get a great deal on one (especially if mom and dad had talent/have produced above ordinary horses), it could well be worth the investment.

The best advice I would give?  Take the time to figure out your horses.  As jockeys get to know the horse better (which can take a while working with the same jockey in races and workouts), they will start to tell you more about what your horse needs/wants.  I’ve found it to make a huge difference in most horses.

Anyhow, welcome to the game, Ella!  Watch out - it gets addictive, but it’s totally worth the trouble once you finally get things figured out and get that one first horse who finds the winner’s circle more often than not.  Best of luck, and don’t ever hesitate to ask any of us for advise/good sales/help/etc.  The people are what makes the game so great!