Hi, all.

I just joined Final Furlong today (I’m very impressed with how quickly the joining was processed!). I’ve been looking for a good sim racing game for a while, and I just love the look of this one. I think I’ll really enjoy playing.

I’ve been a racing fan since I was a little kid. I love horses in general and take riding lessons when I have both money and time (not, unfortunately, a common occurrence of late!). I live in a ruralish town in British Columbia, Canada, about an hour’s drive east of Vancouver, and although I have no horses, I do own what I firmly believe is the world’s cutest kitten.

I’ve started FF with a broodmare and a racehorse, and we’ll see how things go from here!

Jen ~ Rainy Day Stables

Sounds like you got to take advantage of our new automatic joining system that just got finished today! Glad it seems to have worked and was painless.

Welcome to the game and good luck. A racer and a broodie sounds like a good starting combo.

Welcome! You’re actually the first victim…er, customer…of FF’s brand new semi-automated joining process. It was probably just as fast before, but not quite as spiffy. :wink:

And you can have claims to the world’s cutest kitten, if I can claim the world’s cutest cat…part of her charm is her kittenish appearance (and behavior :roll: )

Coolness, it works! Welcome!
And if you have the worlds cutest kitten, and Shanthi has the worlds cutest cat. I have the most Human-Like cat. And the worlds most evil horse. :lol:

lol thats right Edea…and welcome to the game Rainy… Anyway…if those are taken then i have the worlds most rockstarish kitten lol they are ^^

Welcome welcome! :smiley:

:lol: You mean Totchi and Kaoru? Yes, it’s a shame they arent really boys though.

Welcome to the game I’m Megan. I’ll just have claims to being in 3rd grade and yet having a 10th grade reading level. :smiley: Hehehe I was reading Harry Potter when it first came out then ( I think or maybe it was a little later I don’t remember…) :wink: See that proves how long ago it was if I can’t exactly remember.