Hi Y'all

Hi again…

Some of you may remember me from when I played before. hehe My forum name was Raine at the time. I look forward to playing again I just hope I get back before the said date. lol June 2 2007 eep The first time I joined I got in two months for something like that before said date.

This time I’m starting with two racehorses. Last time I had a broodmare as well as a racer.


Welcome back, Brandi.  ;D

Welcome back!

Welcome back!

Thanks! :smiley:

For some reason I got approved same day. :open_mouth:

Can’t argue with that. Thanks Shanthi!! :smiley:

As it says in the FAQ, preference is given to people who display activity by posting on the forum.  :slight_smile:

Nice… I never saw that one. :smiley: