Hi Everyone. First Day Here

I just wanted to briefly introduce myself and say hello to everyone.  I just joined Final Furlong today.  Ronda, owner of Delta Ro introduced me to the game.  I am looking forward to learning more about it as time progresses.  I was able to obtain on 2yo and a 3yo as my starter horses.  I also purchased Strip Poker who I hope will make me a nice earning gelding in steeplechases.
Look forward to reading the forum and learning more about the game.  I have played other sim race horse games and look forward to having fun on this one.

I’ve already said it, but welcome again to Final Furlong. :slight_smile:


Have fun
Relative newbie myself & everybody here is so friendly

Aww, I didn’t get to welcome you.  :-\

I hope your stable has been doing well!  ;D