Heya everyone!!

Hey everyone!I the waiting i have to do(it says MAY 1st on the website)goes by fast,because this looks like an awsome game!!

In RL i lease one arabian at a local showing stable.

OMIGAWSH YES! There are THREE Sara/Sarah’s here now!!! I’m one, and Blue Wolf, annnd… You! ;D Yay! The Sara/h’s are taking over the worrrrrrld… mwahahaha… :stuck_out_tongue:

Anywho, welcome to the game! Hope you love it as much as we all do! (And, wow! An arabian! Sounds pretty :3)

Welcome! I hope your wait goes fast! Mine said late December of '06 but I’m here already, so you might have a shorter wait. :wink: And yes, THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!! -thanks Shanthi-

-hides from invading Sara/hs-

I used to own a grey arabian stallion. I loved that horse. Arabians are so great! We’re leasing him out now. Before that, I had a black Thoroughbred mare. We sold her but both my Thoroughbred and my Arabian are still at our ranch. We have a Thoroughbred breeding farm with 10 mares, 7 foals, 2 stallions, a yearling racer, a 2yo racer, a 3yo racer, my ex-racehorse gelding Edge and my mini mare. :smiley:

Thanks !!

WooHoo the Sara/h’s of the world!!!

Yay Im in the game.Look out for my Horses!!

Wow… the waiting list must be very short! Good luck to ya!

Good luck! What’s your stable name?

I was like 100 and something on the list

Oak Crest Farm

Thanks Shanthi!

Oh, you’re lucky.  :wink:  I was about #230 when I first got on the list.  ;D

I was about #270-ish

No no, you forgot one :stuck_out_tongue: Jei-sama is a Sarah too.  You all ARE taking over the world (and me!)


another arab lover…whoo hoo…i have my chestnut stud,my daughter has her black arab mare who was jusr diagonized with neurogical problems who will now become semi-retired,my sons grey arab mare who we are leasing to a friend of my daughters who just joined our 4-h club,our thoroughbred mare we are retraining to resell, her tb filly that will either be sold for LOTS of money or will become my foundation tb mare to breed anglo’s with and our black arab mares filly who we leased out to a ex 4-her…

Oh yeah… duh! ::) Sorry Lady Jei :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: And thank chu Lady Edea :3

Sarahs United :wink:

Welcome to Final Furlong!

Thanks Everyone!!